‘What the hell!’ CNN panel pissed Dems attacking almighty Barack Obama

A CNN panel packed with former Obama administration official and allies was not happy after several 2020 Democratic presidential candidates attacked the almighty Barack Obama this week.

During a debate Thursday on CNN’s “New Day,” the panel discussed the Democratic presidential primary debates that took place on Tuesday and Wednesday night.

And they were all pissed about one noticeable trend: most of the Democratic hopefuls went after Obama, his policies, and said his administration didn’t do enough while in office for eight years.

Former State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki criticized the candidates for condemning Obama rather than build on his legacy.

Co-host John Berman then turned Democratic strategist Paul Begala — who also has ties to Obama — and declared that, “I get the sense there are some cranky Democratic debate watchers this morning.” 

Begala agreed, “I’m one of them.”

Begala was frustrated that, “my party attacked the Democratic President Barack Obama’s policies more than they attacked Donald Trump’s. Like, what the hell people?” 

Begala and Psaki then listed some of what they consider to be Obama’s achievements, before Begala again asked, “What the hell, people?”

How bad were the debates for Democrats?

A CNN panel packed with Obama and Clinton cronies said it was a total disaster for Democrats and a win for President Donald Trump.


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Source: MediaEqualizer

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