Hillary Clinton blasts Pompeo, Giuliani over Ukraine fallout on ‘The Late Show’


Hillary Clinton blasted Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and President Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, Monday night during an appearance on “The Late Show” over their reported involvement in Trump’s controversial call with the leader of Ukraine.

While promoting her new book alongside her daughter Chelsea Clinton, the former secretary of state was asked what she thought about the recent Wall Street Journal report that claimed Pompeo was listening in on the call that prompted a whistleblower complaint and a subsequent formal impeachment inquiry.

“How many times when you were secretary of state did you have to say to Obama, ‘You can’t extort foreign countries to get dirt on your political enemies?’” host Stephen Colbert asked Clinton, who responded with a loud chuckle.

“Yeah, that never happened,” she said. “The secretary of state’s job is to make sure he knows, number one, what the president is going to say on those calls.”


“Because you’ve got a president who doesn’t listen to anybody and doesn’t follow instructions whatsoever, I’m not sure they haven’t just given up on trying to give him any sort of preparation,” she added.

“I think if the secretary of state was on the call as is now being reported, he should have been one of the very first people to say, ‘Wait a minute, we’ve got to clean this up. You can’t let that stand.’ But we don’t know what he did.”

Clinton also slammed “Republican defenders” of Trump who argue the accusations made against him are “hearsay.”


“It was an admission from the White House! I mean, the transcript of the phone call was put out by the White House. And the whistleblower has a depth of understanding that needs to be taken seriously about what happened,” she said.

Colbert also asked the former Democratic presidential nominee on her thoughts about Trump “sending Rudy Giuliani out to handle foreign policy,” referring to reports that Giuliani sought damaging information on Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden from Ukraine officials.

Clinton said “That would be a big problem” if it had happened under President Obama.

“Presidents often use—as do secretaries of state—they might use an envoy or a special adviser to deliver a message,” she said. “But again, it is supposed to be carefully thought through. And from what we’ve seen on television, carefully thinking through is not one of Rudy’s strong points.”

Source: FoxNews

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