‘Outnumbered’: Why would Joe Biden do any better against Trump than Hillary Clinton?

In the wake of 2020 hopeful Joe Biden rising to victory in Super Tuesday, Outnumbered panelists Melissa Francis and Jessica Tarlov discussed why the former vice president would fare better against President Trump than 2016 nominee Hillary Clinton.

“I wonder what makes Biden different from Hillary Clinton?” Francis asked, posing the question to Tarlov.

Francis went on to describe Biden as a similar candidate as Clinton in a sense that he’s associated with the “establishment, the last regime, and that they share the same views.”

Francis also noted that while they have similarities, Biden shows “more empathy and realness” though he lacks strength and Clinton is more “sharp.”


“I think that people have lived through three years of Donald Trump and when you look at the exit polling on the anger levels about Donald Trump and they are looking first and foremost for someone who they believe can win — that’s different,” Tarlov said.

Tarlov explained that in 2016, moderate Republicans opposed to President Trump “took a chance” to get a “tax cut” and more conservative Supreme Court justices.

Tarlov said that Jill Stein and Bernie Sanders supporters did not want to vote for Clinton.

Tarlov continued, “What you’re seeing now with the turnout and who is going for Joe Biden, there’s a lot of people saying, ‘I didn’t like the last three years. We gave him a shot and I want to move on here.’”


Tarlov said that “gender is a factor” in Biden’s favor over Clinton. “I’m not saying that that’s why Elizabeth Warren is doing poorly but I think it matters.”

Now the race – essentially a two-candidate contest – advances through a calendar that provides promise and peril for both Biden and Sanders. Biden on Tuesday night spotlighted his comeback, which came in large part thanks to his popularity among African-American voters.

Source: FoxNews

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