Greg Gutfeld warns of media’s ‘incurable bias’: ‘Best to keep your distance permanently’

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Greg Gutfeld called out the media Saturday night, slamming their “incurable bias” regarding the coronavirus pandemic, including efforts to limit coverage of President Trump’s daily news briefings.

“So now this funhouse media mirror has networks justifying not carrying the daily coronavirus briefings because, you know, Trump happens to be in them. He is president, but since he’s not their guy it’s not that important,” the host said on “The Greg Gutfeld Show.”

“But so many things don’t fit inside the media’s narrative. For example, they see no importance in finding out the specific names of those special creeps who slipped elitist crap into the relief package. Why? It doesn’t help their cause.”


“They haven’t yet bothered to investigate how the Chinese covered up their outbreak, causing a delay in information that cost lives,” Gutfeld said. “Instead, the press lauded the Chinese for their quick government response.”

Gutfeld said that Americans understand what Trump is saying when he talks about opening the economy by Easter but that doesn’t fit the media’s narrative.

“Meanwhile, the public approves the handling of this once-in-a-lifetime crisis, perhaps because they’re smarter than the journalists who love to deceive them,” Gutfeld said. “The public understands that you weigh costs and benefits with every decision, and that sooner or later we will go back to work even when some risk is present, because you can’t eliminate it entirely. But there will be groups of people in some places who can go back to work while others won’t. The economy will reboot in phases. Trump gets that and so do you.”

“But the media can’t, because if they did, they wouldn’t be able to yell, ‘But people will die,'” Gutfeld said. “It’s so fundamentally stupid.”


When all is said and done, Gutfeld said, the only issue that will remain is the media’s own bias.

“Look, I got no doubt we will exit this dark period stronger and better than before. Jobs will return. The economy will roar back. The truth will come out. And we will have saved many lives,” Gutfeld said. “And the only sickness that lingers, the one that seems impervious to drugs is the media’s own incurable bias. Best to keep your distance permanently.”

Source: FoxNews

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