Michelle Obama is “the last person that I want to be lectured to about the morality and the patriotism of the United States,” Katrina Pierson, senior adviser for President Trump’s 2020 campaign, said Tuesday, reacting to the former first lady’s speech at the Democratic National Convention.

Pierson told “Fox & Friends” that out of all the speakers on the first day of the DNC, she was “probably mostly disturbed” by Michelle Obama.

“Clearly she has issues with our president and I will note they were all personal,” Pierson said.

“The one policy decision that she discussed was the detention facilities, which all happened under her husband so it had nothing to do with President Trump.”

Obama, in a measured but searing address Monday to close out Democrats’ opening convention night, accused President Trump’s White House of operating in “chaos” and without “empathy” as she urged voters to cast their ballots for Joe Biden like their lives depend on it.

In prerecorded remarks, Obama stressed the “awesome power of the presidency,” while saying the job “requires clear-headed judgment, a mastery of complex and competing issues, a moral compass and an ability to listen.”

She added: “Whenever we look to this White House for some leadership or consultation or any semblance of steadiness, what we get instead is chaos, division and a total and utter lack of empathy.”

“Our president has done nothing but deliver and I just wonder where the Obamas were the eight years in office while doing nothing and President Trump has stepped in and really led the way particularly in Black and Brown communities,” Pierson said.

Michelle Obama’s address was widely praised by Democrats as a powerful indictment of the administration. But it also came at the close of a first-night program that had a bleak tone at times, especially with Sen. Bernie Sanders repeatedly saying the country is facing the threat of “authoritarianism.”


“It was just a bunch of liars and liberals with the occasional socialist,” Pierson said speaking of the first day of the DNC. “It was kind of disturbing in many ways because this was a time the Democrats could have used to create this positive vision for the future and it was really all doom and gloom.”

She added, “The only message that I received from last night really was vote for Joe Biden because he’s not Trump.”

“I think it’s quite disturbing when you have a president who has actually been out there campaigning for the American people, talking about his policies because this president has a number of accomplishments, which is why the Democrats continue to talk about his personality instead of his policies,” Pierson went on to say.

Pierson also explained what people can expect from the Republican National Convention scheduled to begin on Monday.

“The reality here is the Democrats want to fill their stages with Hollywood and the Republican convention is going to be filled with real people,” Pierson said.

“President Trump has been out there working hard for American families and American jobs, something the Democrats have been unable to do and so our stage is going to be filled with those voices, the success stories that the president has all over the country, not just with American families, but also workers,” she added.


“The things that Democrats have talked about doing for years, our president has achieved in just one term and it’s truly amazing and that’s what you’re going to see on the RNC stage.”

Fox News’ Brooke Singman contributed to this report.

Source: FoxNews

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