Rush Limbaugh slammed what he called the “pathetic nature” of the Democratic National Convention Wednesday, riffing on party presidential nominee Joe Biden as well as the mainstream media’s continued attempts to gin up enthusiasm for the candidate rather than against President Trump.

“The lengths to which people are going to cover up for the absolute, pathetic nature of this convention is just amazing,” Limbaugh told listeners of his syndicated radio show. “It’s breathtaking to behold.”


The conservative commentator added that “there are all kinds of excuses that are being offered” for the low ratings on the first two nights of the quadrennial gathering.

“‘Well, it’s the pandemic.’ I actually heard — this is the number one excuse: ‘You know, people are having to Zoom all day long. They’re having to go to work on Zoom. They’re having to communicate, do their jobs on Zoom. The last thing they want to do at night is go home and watch something else on Zoom.’

Despite their claims, Limbaugh argued the flat nature of the campaign “all boils down to one thing: There isn’t any enthusiasm in the Democrat Party for Joe Biden. They will tell you, they will tell you — their own polls show that a majority of people who say they’re gonna vote in November hate Trump. They’re voting against Trump. They are not voting for Biden.”

“The main thing to realize is the reason the ratings are down is Biden isn’t exciting,” he said later in the program.” Nobody cares to tune in.”

Limbaugh then focused on the moment during Tuesday night’s proceedings when the former vice president formally received enough delegates to become the party’s presidential nominee.


“Did you see when he actually accepted the nomination?” the host asked. “He was in a VHS or a videotape library in the basement of a school, and they had some streamers — like five or six streamers — come out of the ceiling, which is like a 10-foot ceiling and two or three balloons.

“You could count the number of streamers, and Biden looked like he thought they were snakes … coming out of the roof to attack him, and he’s looking at them like, ‘Whoa! Whoa! What’s this?’

“He didn’t quite know where to look. He knew that the camera was on him. He had kind of a tense smile. And behind him these streamers popped out. They fell down from the acoustical tiles in the ceiling. The visual was awkward, and it was really ill-conceived …


“If Biden is trying to become a world-historical figure, a kingslayer who will become a king himself — this is the guy that they have chosen to finally slay the mad king, Donald Trump. The scene made him look like a mid-level executive having a retirement party on Zoom.

“And then they cut to dozens of people applauding … This is the biggest night, arguably, of Joe Biden’s life. And it was filled with balloons in a DVD library. Now, who was the genius, the creative genius who came up with this setting? You talk about mailing it in, the Democrats worried about the post office, you have got a lot of other concerns before you get to the post office. You talk about mailing something in. This is what Joe and Jill get after winning the Democrat nomination?”

Source: FoxNews

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