Amidst all the meanness of using lives lost in a global pandemic from China as a political weapon and all the lies and conspiracy theories about the U.S. Postal Service, one thing is clear from the Democratic National Convention: the swamp has chosen its successor. And it’s not Joe Biden.

Wielding government institutions against foes. Application of laws based on political views. Smear campaigns and character assassination. Mockery of the Constitution. It’s the legacy of the Democrats’ last decade.

It was on full display Wednesday night at the Democratic Convention. And it’s this skillset on vice presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris’ resume that got her the job as the radical left’s “bridge” candidate.


Democrats need a lesson in bringing about “a more perfect union,” their convention theme. The first step, according to America’s founders, is to establish justice. Democrats merely see justice as a tool for the establishment. At the Democratic Convention, we heard about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and her “awesome” power.

Former President Barack Obama spoke of sitting in the Oval Office, but he left out the part where he plotted with Biden to get the “right people” from the FBI to investigate his successors.

Former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said that “Trump came in with so much set up for him.”

You’ve got that right.

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Through lies and deceit Democrats have weaponized government, criminalized dissent, and launched conspiracy theory after conspiracy theory to wield against anyone who had the audacity to go to work and serve in a duly-elected president’s administration.

It’s an administration Democrats never saw coming, never have accepted, and that they have worked for years to convince Americans that our votes in 2016 didn’t matter.

Harris fits right in. We know she’ll say anything for power. But what would she do with it?

Obama and Biden launched witch hunts to spy on President Trump’s campaign. Harris led the witch hunt against now-Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Obama and Biden used the IRS to target Tea Party groups. Harris used the attorney general’s office in California to target their donor lists.

Obama and Biden went after the Little Sisters of the Poor. Harris goes after the Knights of Columbus.

Obama’s State Department colluded with left-wing activists to meddle in Israel’s election against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, an American ally.

In the Oval Office, Biden brought up the Logan Act, an obscure 18th-century law never successfully used in the history of the republic, until it was used to set up Trump’s National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.

Harris attempted the first-ever eavesdropping case in California history against her pro-life opponents. It fell apart, but not before the innocent had to endure years of legal fees and attacks on their reputation.

With Democrats this is what you get: an upside-down justice system, where right is wrong, “peaceful protesters” burn things down and injure cops, and crimes are invented or ignored based on political affiliation.

It can always get worse. Harris shied away from her positions. She is for tougher gun controls, instead of standing up for the Second Amendment. She’s for open borders making illegal border crossings legal, and has compared law enforcement to the Ku Klux Klan.

She’s an original co-sponsor of Bernie Sanders $32 trillion federal takeover of health care, and the $93 trillion Green New Deal, and has vowed to remove the filibuster to jam the far-left Democratic agenda through the Senate.

She wants to pack the Supreme Court, to usher in systemic Democratic rule and never relinquish power. Harris sees even more “opportunities” to advance the far-left agenda, using the Wuhan coronavirus as an excuse.

While Biden and Harris announce their intentions to criminalize law-abiding Americans for not wearing masks, they help bail out rioters in Minneapolis.

Are Democrats establishing justice in Minneapolis, New York City, Chicago, Portland, or Seattle, which they’ve controlled for decades?


Across the country, Democrats are punishing Americans for going to church or opening their places of business.

Meanwhile, the mobs setting fire to churches and destroying those businesses — what Harris calls “taking to the streets” — are met with appeasement because their cause is a politically correct one.

Free societies must uphold the law and apply it equally. America depends on one set of rules for everyone, not based on what letter appears after your name.

That’s why we elected President Trump — to restore American values of sovereignty and blind justice.


His crime-fighting initiative Operation Legend has already led to 1,000 arrests during its first month, including the suspected killer of 4-year-old LeGend Taliferro, whose memory the law enforcement operation is named.

A more perfect union means peace and prosperity. President Trump delivered once before the coronavirus pandemic hit, and is already delivering again.


Source: FoxNews

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