There is almost zero opposition to efforts to combate climate change and improve mankind’s negative impact on his environment for Democrats in the US. And for good reason: evidence is overwhelming that science proves humans are a main cause to why our climate’s future threatens future generations. This was evident when Democrats came together to put together a party platform and nominated a candidate to defeat President Trump. Part of Biden’s and now Harris’ four-part plan, once elected, involves a clean energy initiative as an environmental pillar of their four main ideas to govern.

To bring attention to what threatens earth’s ecosystem due to man-made pollution and more, footage of a storm-damaged US coast were spliced with calls for activism and change on this topic during their party meetup. A narrator mentioned in his introduction to this segment what has been observed of climate-related trauma and how it has served many of those who view images of what their home, earth, looks like from space — a paradigm-shifting perspective for how we view environmentalism.

“We now call what they experienced to be the overview effect,” says the narrator on the Democratic National Convention (DNC’s) third night for nominating Biden and Harris as their ticket match for next November’s presidential election. While in this “overview effect,” astronauts experiencing space flight first witnessed views of earth and came to see a beautiful, fragile, small ecosystem of their own planet, which the narrator that night reminded viewers was only protected by an atmosphere under threat from climate change that is resulting from pollution and unsustainable use of earth’s limited resources by humans.

In the book the Overview Effect: Space Exploration and Human Evolution by Frank White from 30 years ago, updated in newer editions, this concept is broken down into specifics about how space flight crew members consider their experience as mystical, or almost spiritual, often times, with profound impact on how we and they see our relation to our home planet, and earth’s diminutive stature in the greater solar system. 

Similarly, the DNC clip explains how many of us experienced or witnessed on TV damaging effects from unusual, strong storms caused by damage to our environment, resultant more extreme weather patterns, and animal species threatened, along with climate change. Yet, “A lot of this…is a hoax, it’s a hoax,” says President Trump in part of a clip montage of storm-damaged areas and peoples’ voices explaining what they witness in earth’s negative reaction to human use and abuse of their only home.

Trump administration climate advisors then listed how they withdrew their support for efforts to combat climate change trends, due to an obstinate Oval Office occupant in President Trump, who more than denying climate change exists, puts those who propose ways to change current negative environmental projections for humans’ impact on earth out of his administration.

There is little doubt the so-called “overview effect” is both emotional and powerful. In fact, an image of earth from the moon on the 1969 US space flight there opened peoples’ eyes so much that, along with works such as Rachel Carlson’s Silent Spring (1962), a book about chemicals and damaging pesticides, it made the US a leader in thought generation around the topic of environmentalism as it relates to a more sustainable future.

Still, there is “about a decade, before it’s too late,” says one segment of the DNC clip, while also stating that Biden authored as a Deleware Senator some of the first climate change legislation, the likes with which he still hopes to create jobs, improve infastructure, and add more clean energy, better and sustainable agriculture, while investing revenue from new green changes into those communities most threatened by climate changes’ negative impact. To “build back better,” this segment of the DNC continues, we need to make the US world leader on climate progress instead of repealing climate-protecting legislation, as at least often attempted under President Trump.

Without a Green New Deal, mostly supported by Biden and more on the far left, Democrats believe their environmental policy will be pushed aside for an unsustainable trend of rolling back limited progress towards improving our relationship to our natural environment. Although there is much more to be done, examples of why we need to act now are many and increasing.

Climate change impacts us like never before, says one young activist, shown in the clip, which also says that no president in four years can fix all our environmental problems. A farmer’s son then speaks of corn crop troubles he learned come from climate change while studying community-based model, reusable land techniques, and how these can help us, as we “all can grow our own future,” which Mr. Biden helps to do “with his clean climate legislation.”

Other parts of this and the different nights of the four-day, virtual DNC mentioned climate change in passing, but this segment brought home the ideas as core to how Democrats differentiate their policy future from Mr. Trump’s. It fits into Biden’s moderate leftist platform he used to distinguish himself in Democratic primary competition. Now, we will see if there is a chance he and Harris can make good on where they see current US environmental policy as lacking or trending backwards, meaning this election is at center for our climate’s well-being, without which no other political issues matter at all. Twenty-twenty is a time to add back on Obama’s mixed track record towards helping the US lead on climate change, with a current status quo making the US a backward and main contributor to challenges we all face.


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Source: MediaEqualizer

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