This week the Republican Party convention takes its shot at winning over a hotly contested group: undecided voters. To do so their organization will need to maximize digital abilities and overcome limitations, all to out-do a stellar four-day lineup of speakers and interludes for the Democrats last week.

Trump will appear in North Carolina on Monday, there to visit before Charolette hosts the opening stages of the GOP presidential nomination tomorrow evening, said Washington political news magazine website for the Hill. On the final night he plans to give his nomination acceptance speech at the White House. So what should be on everyone’s mind regarding the contestant-less, formal nominating procedure, common for an incumbent party who holds office in their president’s first term?

Though there is evidence Trump brought jobs and economic success to America for three years, the last year of his presidency so far is marred by coronavirus deaths and further outbreak concerns as school year and mail-in voting options this fall mount. But like not all disasters land just on the shoulders of presidents who bring problems on themselves, so too are all presidents impacted and then sometimes defined by how they respond to whatever their term is presented with.

What is at stake, say some experts, is whether Trump takes a place as a cultural phenomenon or genuine, accomplished president, either in a good or bad way, in our proverbial US history textbooks.

Trump, for one, takes up a hands-off appearance when pushed on why he failed to do better on combating COVID-19. “Trump deflected all blame for his administration’s failure to control the coronavirus,” said Yahoo News.

While the point was his legacy failing to deal well with coronavirus overshadowing his successes as president, Trump could also be seen as right as saying he is not to blame. Did Obama inherent younger Bush’s 2008 housing bubble crash? Was Bill Clinton’s budget surplus a budget gimmick, pushing numbers around to be accounted for in an optimum, idealized way?

These and other hypotheticals matter not at all when one is assessing how the future will play out, unless one is inclined to find grudges and exacerbate polarization. Better is to now see where Trump succeeded, or made a valid effort at a tangible, positive outcome in the past.

“Trump’s scattershot isolationism dovetailed with his protectionist stance on trade, another key part of his legacy,” said Yahoo. Yet furthermore, says Yahoo, Trump takes his use of power to extremes and uses personal attacks to defend his decision making. As a matter of course, he has been “treating domestic and foreign policy as a matter of political patronage,” concludes the article.

Also, press coverage will be restricted and only parts of the overall GOP program will go ahead, to match a widely successful (in part due to a jump in streaming online) DNC four-day event, made-to-order for optimal digital viewing. Polls have placed Biden over Hillary’s percentage point lead in voting intentions for them instead of Trump, according to data from August, 2016, compared to data from that same month in 2020. Well-educated, suburbanites are seen going towards Democrats in significant number, as well, while old, rural voters trend Republican, according to David Brady, Stanford professor, and PhD student there, Brett Parker.


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Source: MediaEqualizer

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