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GOP members of Congress endorse Trump for doing what he said he’d do as president at first night of convention

Republican members of Congress kicked off the first night of the 2020 GOP convention Monday making the case for President Trump’s re-election, while calling the Republican Party the “pro-America party,” and Trump the “pro-America candidate.”

Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, who spoke directly to voters Monday night, said “this election is about who can preserve the values, the principles, and institutions that Make America Great.” He wasted little time attacking Democrats, differentiating Trump’s opponents saying, “Don’t believe me?” Jordan said. “Look at what’s happening in America’s cities—all run by Democrats. Crime, violence, mob rule.”

“Democrats refuse to denounce the mob, and their response to the chaos?” Jordan continued. “Defund the police, defund border patrol, defund the military.” CLICK HERE FOR MORE OF OUR TOP STORY.

In other developments:
– Trump accuses Democrats of ‘using COVID to steal our election’ in defiant RNC remarks after nomination
– Tim Scott slams Biden on race record, says Democrats want ‘cultural revolution’
– McCloskeys, St. Louis gun-wielding couple, warn: ‘Your family will not be safe in the radical Democrats’ America’
– Mike Huckabee: Republican Convention celebrates America

Media Buzz: Liberal media waste little time before slamming GOP convention speakers, fact-checking, criticizing
It didn’t take long for the liberal media to fire a shot across the bow of the GOP’s four-day convention, with the New York Times leading the way with a banner headline saying “GOP Pushes Falsehoods and Fear at Convention.”

The pile-on grew from there as CNN and MSNBC, which incidentally carried virtually every minute of the Democratic convention, continually breaking in with fact-checking, criticism and punditry.

Some of the speakers sounded very much like President Trump, aiming to rouse the base but making little to no effort to appeal to independent or wavering voters. And while Democrats certainly hailed Biden as a good and decent man, conservative activist Charlie Kirk set the tone at the outset by calling Trump the “bodyguard of western civilization,” who was “preserving America” against those who would eliminate “everything we love.” CLICK HERE FOR MORE.

In other developments:
– Rescued hostages thank Trump during Republican convention: ‘You got me back’
– Nikki Haley touts Trump’s foreign policy agenda, says ‘America is not a racist country’
– Donald Trump Jr. warns of ‘silenced majority’ as RNC speakers say freedom, safety on the line in November
– Herschel Walker praises Trump’s character, defends NFL anthem protest stance

Kenosha protesters, police clash, ‘massive fires set’ in second night of unrest after Black man shot Sunday
Police used tear gas to quell a second night of protests in Kenosha, Wis., following the shooting of a Black man that touched off civil unrest similar to that in other cities across the country.

A crowd protesting the shooting outside the Kenosha County courthouse was overcome with tear gas as Gov. Tony Evers deployed 125 Guard members to the city in an effort to prevent the kind of violence and vandalism that occurred in the city on Sunday night.

The anger comes after the shooting of Jacob Blake, a 29-year-old Black man who was shot multiples times Sunday during an encounter with Kenosha police. Officers were initially called to a domestic dispute. At one point, Blake leaned into an SUV with his three children inside and an officer fired several shots, reports said. CLICK HERE FOR MORE.

In other developments:
– National Guard called out to Kenosha after Sunday rioting
– Police-involved shooting in Wisconsin prompts violent protest: report
– Kenosha car dealership targeted by rioters during overnight protest


– Arkansas jogger, 25, was raped and buried by local farmer, police say
– CNN’s Chris Cuomo raises eyebrows after accusing Sen. Tim Scott, others of ‘carrying water’ for Trump
– Blood pressure medication may reduce coronavirus-related deaths, severity of illness: study
– Scott Peterson’s lawyer, kin say COVID outbreak barring them from telling him death penalty overturned
– Krispy Kreme worker runs doughnut through glazer 25 times, creates monstrosity

– Mnuchin, Lighthizer and China’s Liu Hu speak on Phase One trade deal
– Apple stock split prompts Dow shake-up
– When will the US recession end? Most economists say late 2020 or early 2021

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TUCKER CARLSON: “When can we get our country back? How long do we have to endure this (closings and wearing masks)? When can we get our country back like it was in February? That question is rarely asked.”

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