In a speech to the Republican National Convention Tuesday night, President Trump’s youngest daughter, Tiffany Trump, urged Americans to “transcend political boundaries” in November, telling voters the 2020 presidential election is a “fight to keep America true to America.”


“Since speaking at the Republican Convention four years ago, so much has changed for the world, for our country, and for my family,” she said, noting that she, “like so many students across the world,” graduated from law school during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Our generation is unified in facing the future in uncertain times — and many of us are considering what kind of country we want to live in,” Tiffany Trump said, noting that she can relate to “so many” who are looking for a job during the pandemic.

“My father built a thriving economy once, and believe me, he will do it again,” she said.

Tiffany Trump went on to paint a picture of the 2020 election, noting it is a “fight for freedom versus oppression, for opportunity versus stagnation” and a fight “to keep America true to America.”

“I urge you to make your judgement based on results and not rhetoric,” she said, touting her father’s administration’s efforts, including criminal justice reform, which her older half-sister Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner both worked on at the White House.

Tiffany Trump went on to slam the media, noting that people “must recognize that our thoughts, opinions, and even the choice of who we vote for are being manipulated and invisibility coerced by the media and tech giants.”

President Trump has had a tense relationship with the media throughout his administration.

“If you tune into the media, you get one biased opinion or another,” she said. “And if what you share does not fit into the narrative they seek to promote, then it is either ignored or deemed a ‘lie,’ regardless of the truth.”

She added: “This manipulation of what information we receive impedes our freedoms.”

Tiffany Trump said that the “misinformation system keeps people mentally enslaved to the ideas they deem correct.”

“This has fostered unnecessary fear and divisiveness amongst us,” she said. “Why are so many in the media, in technology, even in our own government, so invested in promoting a biased and fabricated view?”

Tiffany Trump went on to question, “Why are we prevented from seeing certain information? Why is one viewpoint promoted while others are hidden?”


“The answer is control — and because division and controversy breeds profit,” she said.

Tiffany Trump went on to note that colleges and universities have created “an atmosphere where students with contrary opinions are too afraid to speak.”

“Many students find themselves suppressing their beliefs to fit into the acceptable groupthink,” she said.

“Tonight, I want to tell you the uncensored truth of what we believe in,” she continued, listing the “equality of opportunity,” the “freedom of thought and expression,” school choice, freedom of religion for all faiths and the American spirit.

“So, if you are hearing these things and thinking to yourself, that is the kind of country I want to live in — well, whether you realized it or not, you’re a Trump supporter,” Tiffany Trump said. “I implore you to see beyond the façade, the masks, that so many other politicians employ.”

She added: “You see, Make America Great Again is not a slogan for my father, it is what drives him to keep his promise of doing what is right for American citizens.”

Tiffany Trump went on to say that a vote for her father is “a vote to uphold our American ideals.”

Meanwhile, the president’s son Eric Trump also appeared Tuesday night, slamming Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and his record, while saying his father, President Trump will “fight” for American workers.

“To every proud American who believes red, white and blue, my father will continue to fight for you,” he said.

Eric went on to deliver a personal message to his father, saying he misses working alongside him at the Trump Organization each day, but is “damn proud to be on the front lines of this fight.”

“I am proud of what you’re doing for this country,” he said. “I’m proud to watch you give them hell — never stop.”

“Continue to be unapologetic, keep fighting for what is right,” he continued. “You are making America strong again, you are making America safe again, you are making America proud again…You’re making America great again.”

In an emotional moment, Eric Trump references his uncle, Robert Trump, the president’s brother, who died earlier this month.

“Dad, let’s make Uncle Robert proud this week,” he said. “Let’s get another four years.”

He added: “I love you very much.”

Source: FoxNews

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