Liberal governors and mayors need to “quit playing politics” and accept offers of federal assistance, Sean Hannity said Wednesday in response to a night of deadly violence in Kenosha, Wis.

“Forget what you heard in last week’s mean-spirited DNC, the United States of America is God’s gift to mankind, because here in this country, we all know anything is possible,” Hannity said.

However, the “Hannity” host continued, “There can be no pursuit of happiness without law and order. The violence rates in Wisconsin, around the country are unacceptable. Spiking murder rates in America’s inner cities are unacceptable.”

On Tuesday, White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows revealed that Wisconsin Democratic Gov. Tony Evers turned down an initial White House offer to dispatch additional National Guard troops to the city.


Trump has since announced his decision to send federal law enforcement to the city, despite objections from local leaders.

“The bloodshed, violence, must be stopped,” Hannity said. “The president has been ready, willing to do anything, and whatever it takes to restore law and order and safety and security to make it a safe country for every American living in every neighborhood.”

Source: FoxNews

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