The Democrats want you to think they support law and order – but too many of them can’t conceal their genuine hatred for the police.

Over the past several months, many Democrat politicians have openly backed the violent and destructive Antifa gangs that are running amok in our cities, openly urging governors and mayors across America to defund local police departments.

During the Republican National Convention (RNC), the GOP made it clear that this approach to police reform would not keep Americans safe.


“‘Defund the Police’ is the rallying cry for the new radical Democrat Party,” Lara Trump said this week at the Republican Convention, adding that Democrats like Joe Biden “will not do what it takes to maintain order, to keep our children safe in our neighborhoods and in their schools, to restore our American way of life.”

Of course, it didn’t take long for the Democrats to realize that their radical rhetoric on law enforcement was deeply unpopular with the American people. Poll after poll has found that a vast majority of voters do not support defunding law enforcement, forcing the Democratic Party to pivot to a different messaging angle.

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The party’s official platform, for instance, avoids replicating the exact rhetoric of the radicals, but leaves the door wide open to implementing their ill-conceived demands, pledging to “reimagine public safety” without bothering to offer any real detail about the schemes being cooked up within liberal imaginations.

As if to reassure the American people, Democrat nominee Joe Biden chose Sen. Kamala Harris – a lawmaker with a history of endorsing draconian police tactics in California – as his running mate. But Harris has her own history of supporting Antifa radicals – like several of Biden’s campaign staffers, the senator has openly backed efforts to raise bail money for rioters.

Unlike the Democrats, President Trump and the Republican Party are genuinely committed to supporting America’s law enforcement and protecting vulnerable communities – especially those that have been plagued by rapid spikes in violent crime since the “defund the police” movement emerged. They’re not shy about saying what they really think, either. That’s precisely why the Republican National Convention is honoring the brave men and women in blue who keep the American people safe.

Republicans understand that the lawlessness we are witnessing across America is absolutely unacceptable.

Republicans understand that the lawlessness we are witnessing across America is absolutely unacceptable – thugs have run roughshod in some of America’s biggest cities, violently assaulting police officers, destroying public property, and looting small businesses that were already reeling under state and local lockdown orders.

“Under President Trump, we will always stand with those who stand on the thin blue line, and we’re not going to defund the police, not now, not ever,” said Vice President Mike Pence during the RNC.

On the very day that the Democratic National Convention began, Americans awoke to video footage showing a mob of anarchists in Portland viciously assaulting a truck driver just moments after he wrecked his vehicle, beating the man unconscious. As poignant as that footage is, it’s only an isolated example of the lawless brutality of the radical left.

The mob violence in that heavily-Democratic city has completely overwhelmed local law enforcement, with authorities unable to respond to dozens of 911 calls earlier this month.

Portland isn’t the only city suffering at the hands of violent leftists, either. A whopping 36 of the 50 largest U.S. municipalities have experienced double-digit homicide spikes so far this year – a distressing outcome that is directly traceable to the Democratic Party’s support for criminals and open efforts to undercut law enforcement.


Biden’s recent remarks about the riots in Kenosha, Wis., were intended to counter the perception that Democrats are in league with the violent radicals, but the policy platform adopted at the DNC remains exactly the same as it was before. Biden’s words did nothing but sow confusion around the issue.

There’s been a lot of manufactured confusion about the Democrat Party’s actual stance on law and order – and that’s no accident – but the public record is crystal clear. The Democrats want to weaken the local police, and their failure to condemn Antifa violence until they realized it had become a political liability for them served as a tacit endorsement of the mobs who are laying waste to our cities.


Source: FoxNews

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