If it’s a flaw that Trump is not shrieking in chest-pounding outrage over QAnon, then surely it’s a radical disgrace that man who is asking America to let him have Trump’s job has not addressed the rioting, protests, and violence in Minneapolis, Chicago, Seattle, and Portland. Nobody thinks that trying to burn a federal building (with people in!!!) is constitutional “peaceful protest.”

Of course, Biden would speak to it from a bias that favors the left-wing analysis, and that would be expected. But, he’s been entirely AWOL.

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Chicago Mayor Lightfoot recently banned protests, but only in her residential area, stating, “I have a right to make sure my home is secure”? Is that leadership? She feels no obligation to protect citizens in her city from violence, but she certainly protects herself.

BLM organizer Ariel Adkins expressed happiness that looters were stealing goods after breaking store windows, saying, “It’s a form of reparations.” (Many of the stores looted throughout the protests and left in shambles were Black-owned. Go figure?)

The violence, whether a presidential candidate is liberal, conservative, independent, or unknown, is something that any leader with a conscience would speak to.

By the way, I should note that, while I rarely agree with the point of view nor emphasis of the New York Times, I always appreciate writers who try to include important background detail to help readers grasp a story. The proportion response to QAnon still seems to me way out of whack, since they’re not rioting, killing cops or kids, or burning buildings. Still, I’m glad you made me more aware of this group, who aren’t that well known. 

Paul Strange

August 24

From Daniel J. Flynn’s Spectator A.M. Newsletter

Now, don’t you go bashing our fearless leader and the Republican National Convention that started this evening. Those of us Trump lovers demand more of him! At least his family members, his friends, and he will be speaking pro-American ideals instead of the lying Democrats who stood up for the Amerika Joe and Kamala are looking forward to. The choice is clear: freedom or not.

Bring it on!!

Wendy Burdette

August 24

Source: The American Spectator

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