CNN anchor Don Lemon went after Trump voters yet again following the president’s speech at the Republican National Convention Thursday, saying they must suffer from “cognitive dissonance” to support someone Lemon described as a “bad person.”

Lemon’s colleague Chris Cuomo had told him that the president’s supporters had concluded that despite Trump’s flaws, “Joe Biden will be worse” for the country. Cuomo theorized that Trump’s voters are willing to “forgive” Trump’s wrongdoings rather than vote for the Democrat.

“I think you’re letting them off easy,” Lemon responded. “I don’t believe that it’s just because they think Joe Biden would be worse. I think it’s because they like it, not [at] a certain level, on many levels. They like what he presents. They like the lies, one would have to. If you don’t like the lies, then you’re not a supporter. They like the shiny objects. They like the racism. They like the misogyny. They like all of it because if they didn’t, they wouldn’t support him.”


Lemon continued: “I actually think you’re letting them off easy because you’re telling me that someone you know is a liar, someone you know is a racist, someone that you know is a bigot, someone you know deceives, someone you can never believe the truth that comes out of their mouths, someone who downplays a deadly pandemic, someone who thinks it’s no big deal that 180,000 people have died. You’re telling me that the alternative is worse? What is worse than that?! There is nothing worse than that! … There is no evidence that Joe Biden would be worse! There is no evidence that there would be lawlessness on the streets if Joe Biden was president. He’s not the president. This is happening on Donald Trump’s watch.”

The “CNN Tonight” host then attempted to psychoanalyze the mindset of a Trump voter.

“So there’s either a disconnect or cognitive dissonance going on where you have to believe that you made the right choice, because you just can’t somehow, in your mind, admit that you made the wrong choice, that this is a bad person, that he is a liar, that you overlook all of those things because of what?” Lemon explained. “Maybe you’re not digging deep enough in yourself. It’s not Donald Trump’s issue, it’s yours.”

“Maybe,” Cuomo responded.

“Not maybe,” Lemon shot back. “It is yours because you made the choice. You’re making the choice here and to go to the polls and to believe it.”


The CNN anchor has a history of attacking President Trump’s supporters, questioning if the president’s voters are “brainwashed” following the conclusion of the Mueller investigation and slamming them for “allowing” Trump to use “horrible language.”

Earlier this year, Lemon laughed hysterically as two of his guests mocked Trump voters as illiterate “credulous rubes.”

Source: FoxNews

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