Sidelining minorities, criticizing China, Trump gets upper hand from convention

Trump gave his last Republican National Convention (RNC) speech from the White House, although US politicians are forbidden from using federal buildings for political rallies.

Whistles and horns by Black Lives Matter (BLM) protestors could at times be heard there, said Cuban dissident news website 14yMedio and others confirmed on social media.

When he got to his headline speech, the president said will have an effective counter to coronavirus this year, Trump promised, despite a lack of scientific certainty. 

But could this just be liberal negativism, or is there a legit enough chance a coronavirus cure will come out of the US this year, as Trump said when accepting his official party nomination and repeated, along with many of his favorite lines, at the RNC final event Thursday night? Science, say some, proves a high likelihood of an outcome otherwise less plalatable to voters, with chance for a virus cure this year uncertain at best, said another Latino-oriented news website, BBC Mundo.

From above, there was no GOP platform adopted, always done since 1856, said the New York Times, instead reintroducing Trump’s 2016 platform.

He made other promises more common to challenger politicians, rather than an incumbant who can point to his own record. For example, he could have chosen to highlight more what he wants accomplish to make America energy independent, while improving manufacturing and defense, instead of leaving us to assume he never fulfilled his promise of making America great again in the first term he had!

Trump went on and launched into attacks on Biden, something most RNC speakers did, with an exception of First Lady Melania Trump, said the self-described largest Latino US news outlet, La Opinion.

Also, concerning Latinos, America’s largest minority — followed by Blacks — of those 270 plus miles of border wall constructed to date, only a small number were completed where no wall or barrier existed before with Mexico, said La Opinion.

During the final night of the RNC, “the nation’s painful reckoning over racial justice was playing out outside the White House where a Black Lives Matter protest, complete with shouting and vuvuzela trumpets, was audible inside the fences,” said Yahoo News. Although Black police oppression became a focus this summer as Trump criminalized police brutality protests, many speakers at the RNC were Black, some of whom had moved from the Democratic Party, helping Trump make his counter claim to those who label him ruthless or racist in his oversight of protest response.

Then, beyond Hispanics who along with terrorists were a focus last election for their illegal border crossings, Trump turned against China this time, as well as BLM protestors.

“Trump’s [campaign slogan “Make America Great Again”] gear is famously made in China, not the States (unlike Biden’s, which comes from an American union shop). [Also,] Ivanka Trump was granted five enormously valuable patents from China while she was supposed to be working for the American people. None of that matters to Trumpists,” said MSN. Trump said further Biden’s agenda is in general Made in China, while his own agenda “is made in the USA,” on the last RNC night — met with strange, low-energy applause.

Again, Trump continued GOP “China Virus” labeling of COVID-19, too. Further, he said the Trump plan of USA first contrasts to a lack of such emphasis on American jobs and manufacturing by Biden. He even took a shot at Bernie Sanders, who like Ted Cruz for Republicans in 2016, managed to stay in to earn delegates at the respective conventions. (Cruz got snubbed for an invite to Trump’s recent White House event, but has likewise withheld his formal support for the president.)

In the end, both sides and undecideds should realize that Trump is genuine in his love for our great nation, or seems so, and if you are concerned about the next election, as many Hispanic migrants and Blacks facing systemic racism are said to be, in particular. We know that both candidates are old, experienced in their walks of life, and occupants of the White House at one point in their respective, impressive careers. Extremism in rhetorical campaign attacks are unfortunately par for the course. This is what Trump sees as a safety issue, making his law-and-order platform a contrast to more lenient, socialist influences for Biden to pave a way for, influenced by Sanders (a “Marxist,” Trump said) and his protege Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

BLM attacks against Rand Paul leaving the event on Thursday were a point to highlight resistance at where this massive US social justice movement is heading, even among the Black community itself, in which Trump “sees fear of unrest as his ticket to a 2nd term,” said Canadian public news broadcaster CBC.

Last election Trump could claim to be a valid Washington outsider ready to upgrade a political establishment way of doing things. His repeating of his “Make America Great Again” slogan implies his mission was incomplete, you could assume, but leaving that aside, some pundits still say Trump wants to paint himself as a consummate outsider, unlike Biden who spent five decades in politics. He may no longer be an outsider, though, and his last campaign pledge to finish the Mexican border wall — with Mexico footing the bill — was repeated, but he never completed that promise, and one questions how much of his praise for Americans and America is based on his own personal success.

Next, Trump takes on Biden in scheduled debates which were supposed to be scheduled for this fall, if all goes according to plan. Experts think most of what will end up deciding the end result of this elections already was decided during these past two weeks of party convention speaking nights, but if Trump came out as a stronger contender, as some assessed his performance, it may still be insufficient still to guarantee him another four years in the Oval Office.


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Source: MediaEqualizer

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