While Trump has shown there is a key way to influence elections he thinks he can help to win: by tweeting and endorsement of them; there is a new voice to be reckoned with. Now he has a challenger on the Left, who could claim her endorsements as Representative or New York’s 14th District means she could claim to be just as influential in helping win elections as the president.

While she was right with Markey in Mass., according to the AP last night’s results showed, reported Politico, she got a later, second endorsement of local mayor Alex Morse wrong, as he lost despite her support. Still, even Trump looses on some of his endorsement choices, but she is new and just getting used to her ability to raise politicians’ races to national interest. There are plenty of ways for how to build and ferment; cook up some concoction into what a valid campaign for public, government office. To be successful one must be palatable enough to reasonable people — those who can make their way to polling stations or get a mail ballot submitted in time this fall. In Mass., Ocasion-Cortez’s national influence on local races is especially present. There, as a true Blue state north of where she represents now in DC, but also where she went to college, many voters saw endorsement by her as impactful enough to change their vote or vote at all, like Trump motivating his base, different than young progressives of Ocasión-Cortezs’ strongest following.

Morse saw what he labeled a smear campaign by college Democrats to highlight his at times controversial or unwanted sexual advances and relationships with students as a guest teacher at UMass Amherst. Not even Ocasión-Cortez could give enough backing to help him overcome a long-shot bid to take an incumbents’ seat, but with Markey beating his younger challenger, all seems well enough for Ocasio-Cortez and his future collaboration, as well as her continued national influence and rising profile.

She endorsed sitting Democratic Sen. Ed Markey against House challenger and name-brand political family member Joe Kennedy, III, who conceded late Tuesday. Ocasio-Cortez worked with Marley on their Green New Deal to improve energy consumption and fight climate change. Markey says a younger generation represented by Ocasion-Cortez wants a green energy plan to fix climate problems now, and are not willing to wait for action.

Ocasio-Cortez saw her endorsement of small-town mayor of Holyoke, Mass., Alex Morse, fall flat, though this was her biggest comeuppance, said the New York Times, to challenge a sitting representative’s seat, which rarely happens, and especially in Mass. where Kennedy’s family never lost a race as he just did.


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Source: MediaEqualizer

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