Joe Biden’s claim that President Trump’s response to coronavirus is why many public schools across the country remain closed for in-person instruction is “laughable,” Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel told “Bill Hemmer Reports” Wednesday.

“It’s laughable for Joe Biden to pretend that the Democrats have been on the front lines of fighting for kids to be in school this fall,” McDaniel told host John Roberts.

“The Democrats are in the pocket of the unions,” she added. “The unions have decided it’s not something that they’re going to do, they’re not going back to school. They [Democrats] put unions above children as a party.”

McDaniel pointed out that private and parochial schools have reopened at a much higher rate than public schools.

Meanwhile, she said, her son has been forced to take a virtual approach to a hands-on discipline.


“My son is taking virtual ceramics for two hours,” McDaniel told Roberts. “It’s ridiculous.”

“This is incredibly wrong and it is Democrat governors and it’s Democrat leaders that have become at the forefront saying we can’t open the schools. For working parents, that’s incredibly difficult,” she added. “The president has led the way … The Democrats have held this back and are holding our children back from getting into school and getting the education that they deserve because they’re so beholden to the unions.”

Source: FoxNews

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