“Life, Liberty & Levin” host Mark Levin praised President Trump and the leaders of Israel, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates for forging an unprecedented normalization agreement that will lead to each nation establishing formal diplomatic ties.

On “The Mark Levin Show on Westwood One” Tuesday, Levin remarked that he is about to celebrate his 63rd birthday next week and has been closely following the Middle East and Israeli developments for most of his life.

In that regard, he said that Trump did something otherwise unimaginable when he was able to get the Jewish State to normalize relations with some of its Arab neighbors, in a region infamous for warlike posturing.

“I’ve watched the Middle East — as I’ve watched so much of the world — most of my life,” he said.

“This president has put in place certain things that were never imaginable — such as energy independence when we were relying on the Arab states and OPEC — where they would blackmail us and we used to have … even and odd days to get in line to get our gas,” he said, referring to the dire petroleum rationing situation under Democratic President Jimmy Carter.

He said that Democrats want to “destroy [America’s] energy independence” and force the U.S. to “impoverish ourselves to save the planet.”

“Trump follows through on promises which every other president failed to do,” the Philadelphia native said, adding that Trump viewed the contemporary “prototype” posture toward Mideast peace as a failed model, and opted to “try something different.”

Levin said presidents Clinton and Obama failed in their attempts to bring peace to the region, and that Trump flipped the model on its head by encouraging the UAE and Bahrain — who he referred to as “more moderate” Arab states.


“They have a common enemy — the Islamo-Nazi regime in Iran which is threatening these Arab States,” he said.

“Look how it’s bearing fruit — look what’s taking place — today on the South Lawn.”

The host said he was honored to watch Trump preside over the ceremony in which Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Emirati Foreign Minister Abdullah bin Zayed al-Nahyan and Bahraini Foreign Minister Abdullatif al-Zayani came together to formally agree to the landmark deal.

“There’s going to be travel, commerce, and security agreements — this is absolutely incredible what’s happened in the Middle East in four years under this president — and the media, for the most part, are ignoring it.”

Levin warned that the media’s lack of substantive coverage of the landmark agreement is a symptom of the fact that America is “close to having one-party rule.”

“[The Democrats are] an extremely radical violent party,” he said, “with propaganda machines in our major media and every network newsroom.”

Source: FoxNews

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