Some think they can only stand at most half of our 2020 presidential and vice president (VP) debates. Others think they are events where people can learn broad policy stances, to compare and contrast candidates.

It occurred to me yesterday — and affirmed 25 minutes into this VP debate last night — that in the first presidential debate and campaigns in general, we have two candidates now proven likely to lead America successfully towards general success, based on handling of crises and economic strength.

However, at about (1:12:00) a FLY lands on VP Pence’s hair and crawls on his head! And it stayed crawling there towards his right back top of head for a good two minutes! Most exciting moment, maybe, in a cordial VP debate last night…but one can find little reason to complain about a less combative tone than these ticket mate’s partners. (Another interesting twist, the VP ticket mates were seated, whereas Biden and Trump squared off standing at their respective 6’0” and 6’2”.)

According to the BBC, though Trump put on a news-clip-ready display of unmasking earlier this week when he returned from coronavirus hospital treatment, recently many people working or helping at the White House tested positive for coronavirus.

Pence (16:00) was asked about both candidates’ ticket leaders making them oldest ever presidents if either won. Implied was the high likelihood one of these potential next VPs could be a probable replacement — considering Biden is 78 and Trump, 74, is just diagnosed with coronavirus (though seems healthy, as he so claims.)

Pence said that in reference to 2009 when Biden was VP, they had learned from their failure, so Pence would make a better replacement than Biden, who did a worse job than Pence during the last three-and-a-half years, when he was VP for Barack Obama from 2009-17.

For her part, Harris (17:30) replied that a call from Biden to join his ticket was among the greatest moments of her life, and from day one, Biden would be in charge. Harris is the younger VP candidate, as well as the first female black VP ticket contender.

While both VPs were there to do damage control, in a way, allowing each other to answer questions in their allotted time, and keeping away from personal attacks, an argument stood out about Trump and Biden. While Harris painted Biden’s 47 years of public service as honest, unlike Trump’s lying, Pence commended Biden’s career, yet said he would hold Biden’s record as evidence of someone inadequate for the top office.

Trump, whether speeding up recovery from the 2008 housing recession, or Biden, under Obama helping with recovering from the worst economic slump since the Great Depression, there is a link in last night’s encounter to economic performance from the main debate at play here. Pence and Harris kept to their talking points, and showed they are more polite to each other, and humble yet devoted to promoting their side’s hope for this election outcome.


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Source: MediaEqualizer

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