Polls that show former Vice President Joe Biden with a big lead over President Donald Trump “have massive oversampling of Democrats,” Trump 2020 campaign adviser Steve Cortes argued Monday. 

Currently, the RealClearPolitics polling average shows Biden leading Trump by 10.2 percentage points in the national polls. But Cortes told “Bill Hemmer Reports” the incumbent enjoys wide support among beneficiaries of the ongoing “economic renaissance”.

“I think polls matter,” Cortes told host Bill Hemmer. “We pay some attention to them. It’s very critical to look at the inputs because the inputs often determine the final output numbers. 

“Many of these polls have massive oversampling of Democrats,” Cortes added.

Cortes also said that he believes there are Trump voters across the country who are apprehensive about declaring to a stranger on the telephone that they will be voting for the president and cited “cancel culture” as one potential cause of such a discrepancy.

The race appears to further tighten, Cortes added, when looking at state polls, and the Trump campaign’s internal polling shows a close race.


The president is set to hold a campaign rally in Sanford, Fla. later Monday, his first since he was diagnosed with COVID-19. 

Trump will also be rallying this week in Greenville, N.C., and Johnstown, Pa., — the latter a key blue-collar city in the Commonwealth’s industrial midsection.

Source: FoxNews

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