In the latest creative political use of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Democrats are warning that we will be risking infection if we vote in person at the polls. So it is that the Democrats are promoting yet another new public health protocol: voting by mail instead of risking death at the polls. Apparently, while it is safe enough to socially distance at the supermarket, the pharmacy, or big box stores, polling places will be COVID-19 death traps. So, to save lives, the ever-thoughtful Democrats insist that, in the upcoming presidential election, we stay safe by using the mail-in ballots being sent to every registered voter — living or dead — on a massive scale never before attempted in American history.

President Trump and others have raised the warning of potential voter fraud posed by the widespread use of universal, unrequested mail-in ballots. In response, the Democrats insist that there is no evidence supporting Trump’s claim. But, if history and common sense are any guides, mail-in ballots will make it easier for Democrats to “harvest” the votes” of those living or dead who will have no role in casting them.

The term of political art for this practice when used in nursing homes is “granny harvesting.” The confused or mentally disabled residents need only sign their names to the ballots, and others will fill in the rest. As illegal, outrageous, and damaging to democracy as this scam may be, the use of mail-in ballots will be a far more humane and efficient way to steal the election than transporting busloads of enfeebled and confused senior citizens from nursing homes to polling places and escorting them into the voting booth to make sure they vote the right way. It also eliminates the need to abandon the occasional old-timer who won’t play ball. After all, as I can tell you from personal experience, an abandoned, desperate, and sobbing white-haired granny in a wheelchair is a bad look for the Party of Compassion.

Source: The American Spectator

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