As this is being written, way past midnight on the East Coast on Tuesday night, the Presidential race still is tight, but the Republicans have held the Senate. That means the Republic survives Democrat braggadocio and declarations that they will pack the United States Supreme Court, add the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico as states, and end the electoral college. Amy Coney Barrett remains our ninth Supreme Court justice out of nine. Our judicial system survives. The Republic survives. We remain on course for the United States to make it to a quarter of a millennium.

The polls that had Joni Ernst losing her GOP Senate seat in Iowa. Baloney. They again had that leftist character, Ossoff, winning a Georgia U.S. Senate seat for the Democrats against David Perdue. Baloney. They had Susan Collins going down in flames to Democrat Sara Gideon in Maine. Baloney. They had Thom Tillis losing in North Carolina to that guy Cunningham who fotzed around with that narcissistic woman (who texted about her irresistible sexual power with men). Baloney (and Baloney). Lindsey Graham in peril. Baloney. Steve Daines losing in Montana. Baloney.

As this is being written, Republican Martha McSally’s seat does seem in deep peril in Arizona. Republican Cory Gardner went down in Colorado, as we all sadly expected. But so did the Democrat Doug Jones in Alabama. In all, it is appearing that the Republicans apparently may have lost a net of one United States Senate seat. Moreover, at least meanwhile, as of this writing, Republican John James’s insurgent challenge is looking quite interesting in Michigan.

Bottom line is that the Democrats needed to grab a net of four pick-ups to take over the U.S. Senate if President Trump would be reelected, or a net three gain if Biden would get in because the Vice President casts tie-breaking votes in the Senate. The Democrats have failed to take the U.S. Senate despite their enormous spending advantage in excess of Republican campaign funding of Senate races. Our Republic survives.

That ends the immediate Democrat threats to destroy our Constitutional protections and our historic institutional checks and balances. The House of Representatives alone simply cannot pass legislation that is not likewise passed in the Senate. All those threats by House megalomaniacs and Democrat strategists to pack the courts? Or to make a small Democrat urban enclave, the District of Columbia, into a new 51st state United States? Or to add two more Democrat U.S. Senate seats by making Puerto Rico a 52ndstate? And, for that matter, why not make Cuba a 53rd state, Venezuela a 54th state, Russia a 55th state, China a 56th state, Ocasio’s Congressional District in Queens a 57th state, and Ilhan Omar’s District a 58th state, and her hometown of Somalia a 59th state, and her beloved Iran a 60th state?

Ain’t gonna happen. None of it. With the ballots’ red glare in critical Republican states, the Fake News polls bursting in air, we emerged with proof through the night that our flag is still there.

We still will await results and challenges in the Presidential tallying. OK. And were any Trump supporters surprised that the polls were so wrong on so many of those battleground states? (Hint: No.) But if those polls aimed at cheating the President and weakening his chances by demoralizing his voters into believing that their ballots would not matter, in fact those Fake News polls backfired. They stimulated Trump voting in Florida and Ohio to assure he would carry those states. They energized rural voters in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin to up-end the Corrupt Fake News monopolies once again. And, perhaps most importantly, they helped persuade Joe Biden to stay in his basement for months, hiding out of trouble, hiding out of sight, and hiding off a campaign trail that might have bolstered one or two or three Democrats running to flip U.S. Senate seats in close races.

Thank you, polls. Thank you for persuading Biden to lie low.

It will be an interesting 24-72 hours ahead, as the Presidential race’s results clarify. But what is clear now is that the Democrats cannot reverse the courage of the Republicans, led by the standard-bearer in the White House, to add Justice Barrett to the Supreme Court. Democrats warned Republican Senators that they would be destroyed on Election Day if they voted to confirm the President’s fabulous SCOTUS appointment. The media predicted that the single deed of confirming Justice Barrett would assure turning the Senate over to the Democrats. And, instead, we see just the opposite: Republican voters get stimulated and energized to come out and vote when their elected representatives demonstrate backbone and guts, stand their ground, and resist the Bush-McCain School of Republicanism that suggests they will do best if they vote like Democrats.

Schumer again will be Senate Minority Leader, consigned to belly-aching. If Mitch has a Republican President in the White House, count on a blitz of more great federal judges. If not, then count on a remarkable generational change from Republicans rubber-stamping Democrat judicial choices to a new era of subjecting them to strict scrutiny and trading judicial nominees for House accommodations on legislation. And Mitch is now set for six more years.

Most importantly, while so much remains at stake as the White House results remain ever so close — whether we will have four more years of an excellent President, one of the five or six best in our history, who will be even better now that he “knows the ropes” and has the All-Star team in place that he lacked four years ago … or whether we are looking at a Kamala Harris presidency — what matters immediately is that the worst of the evil has been vanquished.

The Senate has held. The Republic has survived.

Source: The American Spectator

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