Latino voters saw past the media’s concerted effort to label President Trump a “racist” and banded together in surprising numbers to keep Florida red, Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren said Friday.

“This week may not have gone the way you wanted it to, and I get it,” Lahren said on Fox Nation’s “Final Thoughts,” but there is a piece of irrefutable data that makes me feel a little better about the future of this nation, and that’s the Latino support for Donald Trump.”

“This might shock the hell out of the Democrats, pollsters, and their tone-deaf accomplices in the media,” she added, “but it’s not surprising to me at all.”


While the fate of the presidential election still hangs in the balance, Trump is projected to win Florida’s 29 electoral votes thanks in large part to Cuban American voters in the traditionally Democratic stronghold Miami-Dade County, which has a heavily Hispanic population.

“Maybe this information will help put an end to the incessant virtue-signaling and reliance on identity politics the Democrats love so much.”

— Tomi Lahren, Fox Nation

Cuban-American voters favored the president’s reelection, even though 59% of Hispanic voters, in general, supported Biden, according to polling from the Fox News Voter Analysis, compared to Trump’s 40%.

“Pretty incredible considering the fact the Democrats and much of the mainstream media have spent the last 5 plus years telling us he’s a racist, particularly against Latinos,” Lahren observed. 

Pundits have spent the week pontificating about what Trump did right and Biden did wrong to win over non-White voters in the Sunshine State. According to Lahren, it was Biden’s embrace of socialist policies and his party’s abandonment of “tradition, family and faith” that drove away the growing voting bloc. 

” As it turns out, Latino voters seem to be far less concerned about the media’s assessment of Donald Trump’s character and far more concerned with becoming a socialist nation,” Lahren said. 

“Perhaps because many of those voters, especially in Florida, know a thing or two about socialism and understand that people flee from it, not to it.”

According to the Pew Research Center, for the first time ever, Latinos are expected to be the nation’s largest racial or ethnic minority in a U.S. presidential election. According to Politico, the Trump camp has spent $3.1 million on Spanish-language TV ads in comparison with Biden’s $4.2 million.


“This shift is great news for the conservative movement and a great lesson to other Republicans with presidential aspirations. You don’t have to kiss butt and pander; your policies speak for themselves,” Lahren said.  

“And,” she continued, “maybe this is even bigger than that. Maybe this information will help put an end to the incessant virtue-signaling and reliance on identity politics the Democrats love so much. 

“I would take that as a win.”

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Source: FoxNews

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