It is possible that Joe Biden honestly won the election. The thing is, we probably never will know. Unless the courts really delve into the morass, he never will have legitimacy. Like Roger Maris’s 61st home run in 162 games that sort-of beat babe Ruth’s record of 60 in 154 games, he always will have an asterisk near his name. He will lack the moral authority to govern.

Had the Democrats accepted the legitimacy of George W. Bush’s clear wins, had they accepted the legitimacy of Donald Trump’s 2016 win, had they comported themselves like a loyal opposition instead of a “Resistance,” the Democrats now would be positioned to enjoy a quadrennium of legitimacy much as they enjoyed during the LBJ, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and Obama years. Instead, even if they survive the court challenges, now they will experience what it is to govern with a cloud — a hurricane — of illegitimacy hanging over them.

The majority of Americans do not trust the mainstream left-wing media. Four years of hatchet jobs, defamation, character assassinations, and such leave Independents, no less than conservatives, unable to believe ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, MSNBC, CNN, the Washington Post, and the New York Times. For those few who still clung to their doubts but hopes about media credibility, the nonsensical polls sealed the deal. Only die-hards on the left now believe Jake Tapper or Rachel Maddow or their ilk.

The courts may end up overturning some corrupted state election results, even toppling Biden. Or maybe Chief Justice John Roberts will corral them into remaining aloof. Amy Coney Barrett will grapple with the awkwardness suddenly placed on her formidable shoulders of balancing the objectively manifest justice of Republican complaints of fraud versus perceiving the partisanship apparent if she votes to uphold Trump litigants’ claims. Justice should appear blind, and this is a mess and will be a mess. But anyone who thinks that Ruth Bader Ginsburg would have judged such questions impartially lacks any grasp of reality.

The Democrats will emerge, at their best, with a somewhat Pyrrhic victory. They dreamt of a Great Blue Wave, and instead they got drenched with a tsunami of their own making. They now pay the price for having sullied the public’s faith in the system. They already are paying the price. Instead of taking the White House, grabbing a Senate majority, expanding their Pelosi–Schiff Mad House of Representatives, and packing the Supreme Court, they instead now face internecine wrangling, as Ocasio’s Squad finds that they cannot pass anything, no Green Deal, no mass amnesty, and maybe a fight over whether to hang Pelosi out to dry.

Had the media been honest, the Democrats would have realized that their Pelosi–Ocasio–Bernie crazy talk about ending the filibuster, packing the courts, ending the electoral college, and making Puerto Rico and D.C. into states was scaring even Independents. They would have changed their tones, been more prudent and politic, reserving those plans furtively for after the elections. Instead, the false polls bolstered their confidence. They came to believe CNN and MSNBC, the Times, and WaPo, Don Lemon and Van Jones, Joy-Ann Reid and Rachel Maddow — that they were about to reap a Blue Wave landslide. So they unabashedly put it all out there. And they got bashed.

They reaped the harvest. They scared Middle American Independents out of their minds and drove them to the Republicans. Instead of the GOP losing 10 more House seats, the Republicans have picked up at least five so far and may even pick up as many as another five or eight seats. For those who followed the polls, that end result is remarkable, even miraculous. More practically, it means that the House is only one bi-election away from GOP control. Rep. Jeff Van Drew, that guy who flipped from Democrat to Republican during the impeachment, was supposed to be run out of town in this election. Instead, as of this writing, he still holds a lead. In a year that forecast a Democrat landslide, Republicans clipped off House Democrats in states as varied as Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and South Carolina. Sha-la-la-la-la-la.

The U.S. Senate likewise forebodingly had seemed ripe for flipping blue, but the Democrats’ blind faith in their own fake news and bogus polls overplayed that one, too. With Georgia potentially still open for one or two runoffs, the GOP emerges meanwhile with at least 50 U.S. senators to the Democrats’ 48. That is, Thom Tillis looks pretty secure in beating his sexting adulterer Democrat opponent in North Carolina, and Alaska Sen. Dan Sullivan looks a lock to cream Democrat Al Gross once the Eskimo vote defrosts, allowing the left-wing media to call that race next summer. (One can imagine the TV screen when Arnon Mishkin finally calls that one: “Fox News Aleut: We Report, Yupik.”) As for Georgia itself, once they get those idiot Libertarians off the ballot in the two-person runoffs, the Republicans have the numbers to win for David Perdue over Jon Ossoff and for Kelly Loeffler over Raphael Warnock, as Doug Collins unifies his wing and an energized President Trump barnstorms Georgia from peaches to boiled peanuts. The Democrats failed to unseat Susan Collins in Maine, Joni Ernst in Iowa, and Steve Daines in Montana. Again, the Democrats were subverted by their own fake polls. Daines won by 10 points, Ernst by almost seven, and Collins by nine — all despite polls guaranteeing their defeats.

Even in the worst remaining nightmarish Senate scenario imaginable — the Democrats win both Georgia seats and then Kamala Harris’s vice president gets to cast the tie-breaking vote — there is no way that 50 out of 50 Democrat senators will vote to kill the filibuster, pack the courts, end the electoral college, or add Puerto Rico or D.C. as states. Those Pelosi–Ocasio–Bernie ideas are too politically suicidal even for a few Joe Manchin-type Democrats in the Senate. They all see what just happened to their House and Senate dreams. And it never will get to that anyway. Many Republicans, deeply disappointed over the presidential vote-counting, overlook that the GOP did that well on Tuesday night.

So the Democrats spent countless millions upon millions on utter pipe dreams, buoyed by their own fake news, and blurted out their radically crazy extremist plans to upend the courts, the rules of governance, and even the Constitution. They kept little hidden because they believed their own hype. As a result, they drove Middle America to reject them and to give Republicans the edge everywhere, even in the gubernatorial races.

So why is the presidential race different, the one GOP setback? There honestly are many ways to see it. First, obviously, it will devolve onto the courts to determine whether President Trump even had a setback. The election may have been stolen. We all know the concerns and allegations:

– Poll watchers forcibly kept outside the range of view needed to assure honest tabulating.

– Storefront windows boarded up to prevent the public from seeing what the vote counters were doing.

– States like Pennsylvania where a judge unilaterally allowed elections to proceed under rules that violate explicit state law.

– Incomprehensible vote dumps attributed to typos.

– Democrat officials saying they will allow ballot envelopes that arrive without postmark even after Election Day.

– Questions of illegal vote harvesting.

– And so much more.

But let’s say that, after a fair judicial review, it emerges that, in all honesty, the election squeaker went against the president. So it is. He faced a once-in-a-century plague of near-Biblical proportions. The corrupt media would not allow his message to be presented, while they lied, cheated, and corrupted the “news” to advocate for the other side. He was forced to put up with so much dishonesty, corruption, deceit. The FBI and CIA of Comey, Brennan, and Clapper used the apparatus of national intelligence and law enforcement to sabotage a freely elected president. The Mueller Investigation. The Impeachment. The “Durham Investigation” that proved bull. The prosecutions of the Strzoks and McCabes that never happened. Garbage after garbage after garbage.

Yet some Trump advocates and strong backers also come from a world where, after recognizing the Evil that is without, one looks within. One looks within oneself for one’s own lessons to learn to grow and to be better. With an election like this, this close and with every demonstrable proof that the Republicans did pretty decently after all, one learns for the future from the differences between how the president conducted his first debate and his second debate. One looks back on the unnecessary, unforced moments that would not have lost him a single vote of support from the 70 million who voted enthusiastically for him but might have avoided unnecessarily alienating the extra few suburban White housewives who, for whatever squeamishness that explains it, voted foolishly and against the interest of their families and children because they did not like a word spoken, a gesture, a comment. For those millions upon millions of us who are married and who prefer to avoid alimony and child support judgments, we put up with that stuff every day. We apologize when we are not wrong. We put down the toilet seat. We think twice before answering honestly when asked, “Do I look like I gained weight this weekend?” We make little compromises in comportment and in speech because, meaningless and purposeless as they substantively are, they create “Shalom Bayit” — peace in the home — and they assure us the three things most vital to the end game:

  1. No requirement to pay alimony.
  2. No requirement to pay child support.
  3. Complete sovereignty over the TV remote control.

That is the one takeaway that Republicans can mull regarding what could have been modified . But let no Republican approach 2022 and 2024 with a Bush/McCain/Romney ideation of softening on the Wall, on controlling illegal immigration, on crushing Sanctuary States, on cleaning the Swamp, on expanding fracking, on remaining outside the Paris Accords and the Iran Deal, on staring down China, and on demanding rock-ribbed constitutionalist federal judges instead of the Souter, Brennan, Roberts stuff. On every one of those hard conservative issues, the New Republican Party that has been crafted and fashioned by Donald J. Trump won big. The Democrats went down. And just as Winston Churchill and Benjamin Netanyahu rebounded to come back in strength, there is no reason that a heroic Donald Trump should not be heading the GOP ticket in 2024 so that, à la Grover Cleveland (our 22nd and 24th), he gets to be two presidents, not just one. And that would allow him to seek reelection in 2028.

Let’s see what the courts decide. I sure don’t miss Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Source: The American Spectator

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