Current data (seen in featured graphic) shows 2020’s presidential election race results all blue in swing “Rust Belt” states, with all three states called for Biden by the Associated Press, as provided by Google’s search engine as of this morning.

This means Michigan (MI), Wisconsin (WI), and Pennsylvania (PA), key to Trump’s 2016 victory, all went to Biden this election cycle. But Trump’s pressure for officials to get a correct, in his view, tally, for example in Detroit, MI, or in PA, where he won at least one local challenge, continues on election officials failing to follow coronavirus protocol elsewhere.

For instance a case appears lost in Georgia (GA), which also went blue from red in Trump’s previous campaign, where some election miscounting occurred this year, but was found through an audit and potential recount that it could not have swayed the state to Trump. Republican oversight got heavy pressure there to take a better look at their results once Trump’s legal campaign, headed by former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani, said the end result could be in the Supreme Court’s hands, should races be close enough as in 2000 to warrant such court battles, or where state rules call for tallying votes in a relook at their early and supposed fraudulent election ballots, which Trump claims are rampant. 

Giuliani also said Monday, however, the MI legal challenge there would cease. The team’s efforts on Trump’s behalf are likewise simmering. Breitbart News, a conservative website, and other conservative sites are linking to more important issues, in their editorial view, which Biden will address once he assumes office. Trump, however, continues to refuse to speak with reporters for over a week now. Meanwhile, he also has said Dominion, a liberal-backed company started by two Venezuelans, is tied to ballot tally rigging in some states he won anyway, like Texas, but also in PA, whereby their vote tallies are really meant to be better in the end result for Trump’s campaign.

Trump’s best legal option remains to make the popular vote as close as possible (Biden took a record number in the popular vote, but less remarkable compared to Obama’s past performance, with matching percentages when population growth is accounted for.) In addition, while Trump’s state-by-state efforts may lack momentum now that he is failing to garner support even from senior Republicans in Congress, in his efforts to remain in office, Trump could create controversy with saying his popular vote tally is closer than would have been without fraud and invalid counting he claims. Yet most important, Trump still could gain a tie in the Electoral College vote tally, should he overturn key current results, or ongoing counting, which means the House would decide the end result. This is getting less likely as more states are affirmed to be in Biden’s overall favor, nation-wide, still, though.

“In Michigan, a judge Friday refused to stop the certification of Detroit-area election results, rejecting claims the city had committed fraud and tainted the count with its handling of absentee ballots. It’s the third time a judge has declined to intervene in a statewide count that” Biden is now called as winner. Trump’s legal challenges, despite a successful dispute in one PA case, for instance, are ending, with the BBC, as quoted above, also reporting that his legal team stepped down there, however. The Supreme Court for the state had ruled on a Nov. 6 deadline, said the AP, for coronavirus concerns, “citing the pandemic and concerns about postal service delays.”

When the PA challenge started in a federal lawsuit, the BBC reported, “President Trump’s team [said] voters in Democrat-leaning areas were given more of an opportunity to correct any mistakes on their postal ballots,” and a federal suit, alleged over “680,000 postal ballots were counted without proper oversight from poll watchers.”

MI is similar in local Republican officials saying they were unlikely to overturn earlier election vote counts. Last week, Giuliani said the election challenge of results there, where Trump last cycle won by 160,000 votes, would be terminated. All “Rust Belt” states are still open to change their vote tallies, it should be noted, officially until on Monday, when certification is to be finished, as reported the BBC. That state-funded news organization from the UK also announced if the “Rust Belt” states went red, Trump could gain 232 electoral votes, which will be cast in December, and push him over the 270-winner threshold, or at least reduce Biden’s total from 306 to 269, hence there would be a potential tie. If he gets popular vote tallies in his favor where he wants, sure, Trump could manage to pull off a convincing case, at least to his Republican base, of severe fraudulent voting occurring in the process of counting this year’s election results. His electoral lead is now more definitively lost, though, to Biden’s significant lead, as the “Rust Belt” states have all turned blue.


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Source: MediaEqualizer

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