Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas was a leader of Republican efforts to stop a final seal of approval led by Vice President Mike Pence in the Senate to formalize Joe Biden’s Elecotral College vote count earlier this week. Yet he, Cruz, stood out for his obstinance, as Capitol Police agents, including one who died yesterday from wounds received during disturbances at the Capitol Building for the confirmation procedure, highlighted how Cruz and his conservative allies are loosing ground in the last remaining weeks of President Trump’s rollercoaster presidency.

The Capitol Police officer, among dozens injured, was declared another fatality while he worked to protected against demonstrations at the Capitol and the congresspeople inside from the demonstrators. Cable news network CNN reported that a homicide investigation for the latest and last death as a result of the Capitol Building demonstrations during the electoral finalization would be investigated, according to the state-backed British news service in Spanish, an article on the BBC’s BBC Mundo website.

Ted Cruz (Sen. R-TX), a prominent supporter of Trump’s last efforts to revert his loss in states such as Arizona and Pennsylvania, for the November election against Democratic challenger Joe Biden, saw his and other Republicans’ hopes dashed due to the physical occupation and breach of security in Washington, DC, this week.

Cruz and others including Josh Hawley, who may aspire themselves to contest the presidency in 2024, led efforts in Arizona and Pennsylvania, each, to backtrack results in favor of Biden due to supposed voter fraud.

Following the Capitol Building political demonstrations that turned to bloodshed and about 50 injured, Cruz and Hawley gained only a handful of supporters to back their contestation efforts in those states; yet each also saw greater political backing for this conservative backlash effort in the House.

Trump views his latest political show of support to be justified for what he and a limited number of conservative Congresspeople hold to have been a rigged election, reported EFE, a news wire service, the world’s fourth most popular, earlier this week.

Despite some Democrats viewing such rioting and political protest as evidence of Trump’s violence in his tone and aggressive, hyper-America first attitude, the BBC said, once again, at least the president could still “count on the unconditional support of his family,” as they prepare to be slightly less in their patriarch’s limelight.

During the protest in the Capitol, which as aforesaid threatened Congressional members’ physical security, Biden with his running mate, Kamala Harris, came closer to closing their win on 2020’s election vote, as Trump announced he will even be absent from their Inauguration Day ceremony (a not unprecedented, but politically significant, symbolic gesture.)

Without Trump at the top in the Executive Branch, Republicans might find themselves divided and leaderless as a party, speculate some expert political scientists. The tragic occurrence Wednesday in the protest manifistation showed how real a divided opposition party loosing their incumbent leader can be, even in well established democracies like the US, furthermore. One side of the party now backs Trump, more or less, while the other tries to get their conservative allies to move on and settle behind a new figurehead and force of political leadership. If Republicans remain divided, said Steven Levitsky, Harvard University government professor, “this will strengthen Biden[‘s position],” in addition, reported BBC Mundo.

Cruz, meanwhile, had hoped for a ten day extension to audit the Electoral College count finalization process, which failed as discontent manifested itself in those who felt motivated to mob the Capitol Building itself, putting the Capitol Police at risk in their role securing physical safety of Congresspeople as they went about performing a largely ceremonial, yet essential, task in confirming the end to a complex — and some say faulty — electoral process.

A homicide investigation will take place for the officer who died, more than likely, according to a Capitol Police representative, said BBC Mundo.


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Source: MediaEqualizer

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