Twitter and other tech giants miscalculated when they decided to restrict President Trump and the social media platform Parler, former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer told “Bill Hemmer Reports” Monday, warning that history proves such actions simply radicalize those targeted.

“This is a slippery slope that leads all of us into a worse place,” Fleischer told host Bill Hemmer. “Censorship never works. Censorship doesn’t get rid of the ideas. It creates a dangerous underground. That’s what we’re seeing. It won’t end well.”

Hemmer noted that synidcated radio host Rush Limbaugh had told his audience Monday that “we” — meaning conservatives and the conservative movement — are “being censored out of existence.”

“This ends in a terrible place,” Fleischer commented. “This ends in even more anger and recrimination. If you have one side that this is being done to, if you realize the only way you can communicate is to lash out, you will lash out.”


Fleischer further noted that Vice President-elect Kamala Harris herself called last year for Twitter to bar Trump from the platform.

“The president has put himself in this position,” Fleischer emphasized. “But still, Twitter erred. This is what Kamala Harris called for when she ran for the presidency, isn’t it? She urged Twitter to ban the president. Now [that] the Biden-Harris administration is coming in, Twitter acts in accordance with their wishes. This doesn’t look good and it ends worse.”

Source: FoxNews

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