With last Wednesday’s demonstration against a final procedure by Congress to affirm the Electoral College vote, which ended in Democratic challenger, former Vice President Joe Biden, taking a firmly gripped hold on national and international attention by incumbent, President Donald Trump, foreign policy and domestic interests came to the fore in hindsight for Trump’s White House legacy and Biden’s potential as a future president.

According to cable television network channel NBC News, “Asked Friday whether the slow police response Wednesday was the result of an intelligence failure, the official who leads the FBI’s Washington field office, Steven D’Antuono, said no.”

An officer of the Capitol Police, who guard Congress and the essentially federal town center of Washington, DC, with the Capitol itself, Library of Congress, congressional offices, and other government units near the Mall, died of injuries over the weekend and was among a number of dead from Trump’s supporters’ protest action.

The strategy of President Trump for putting America first has contributed to this sort of occurrence, or disreputable conduct by the US and its government’s actions, said expert Ian Bremmer, Adjunct Professor of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University. In an interview highlighted by the BBC Mundo, said the expert: “[it has since Trump took office, become] the most dysfunctional and divided country of all [modern,] industrialized advanced democracies in the world.”

At least, from Europe’s point of view, America shrank from her guarantees of NATO security, while she required better relations to back a personal tie for Trump with communist dictators Jim Jung-Un of North Korea and, though not communist, a former country and leader of that ilk, President Vladimir Putin’s Russia. All so the man in command, President Trump, could claim less collateral damage to his own image as leader of the US.


He is an egomaniac who can’t shed his feeling of utter defeat after a resounding, authentic win by Biden, and is loosing allies in his own administration trying to fight the effort up until now against a smooth transition of power to a more even-keeled personality, one less prone to induce sound-clip mania in liberal media spheres.

With an end goal in mind, the BBC reminded those who may find Trump’s last ditch effort as reason to reconsider his whole record as President in foreign affairs: building back up the American republic is now Biden’s number one goal, potentially more important than any foreign policy achievement (or historical “facelift”) Trump achieved during his single term in office. 


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Source: MediaEqualizer

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