The “Never-Trump” wing of the Republican Party is “taking a bow” as the president prepares to leave office, Laura Ingraham told viewers Thursday. 

The “Ingraham Angle” host singled out National Review editor Rich Lowry, who recently penned what she described as a “self-satisfied” article in Politico headlined “The Crash of the Flight 93 Presidency.”

The headline is a callback to Michael Anton’s 2016 essay, “The Flight 93 Election,” in which Anton claimed Republicans who didn’t like Trump had to “get on board with him to save America from the Democrats and all they were planning to do under Hillary Clinton.”

“History has shown that [Anton’s] basic view was correct,” Ingraham said. “The left has proven itself to be dangerous. The GOP establishment was hapless and we needed to take a chance on something else. So he was 100% right. That chance we took on Trump brought us four years of time and three good justices on the Supreme Court.”

Meanwhile, she argued, “Lowry simply ignores the fact that we had the strongest economy in the G7 for the last three years of Trump’s presidency, if you remember how bright things looked before the Wuhan plague hit us.”

According to Ingraham, if Trump had never won the presidency, “all the problems that we have now would have existed … except things would be much worse with Hillary’s open borders, flat wages, unstoppable China, and, of course, high taxes.”

“No one ever said that character and norms don’t matter,” the host continued. “That was always a strawman argument. But part of character is courage and part of that includes a willingness to fight for others.”


Ingraham concluded that Lowry’s worldview is “grounded in the 1990s.”

“That was a time when Americans were generally pretty optimistic,” she said. “The world was generally safe. The left was held in check by memories of Reagan’s landslide. He’s never been able to accept that the world of the 1990s no longer exists.”

Source: FoxNews

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