As of noon Wednesday, the Trump administration will officially come to an end. If you supported Donald Trump, that’s a sad thing to face after four years. On the other hand, if you’re one of the many in our professional class who have made hating Donald Trump the very center of your life, you’ve gotten exactly what you wanted. You ought to be celebrating.

But they’re not celebrating. In fact, no one in the Democratic Party seems happy. Instead of taking victory laps, they are plotting revenge against the people they just beat. They’re thinking of new ways to injure, humiliate and degrade their political opponents, make it impossible for them to work again, throw them in jail, and destroy their lives.

Imagine winning a tennis match in straight sets, then immediately leaping over the net and smashing your opponent in the face with your racket. It wasn’t enough for you to win, you had to inflict physical pain. You couldn’t be happy until another human being screamed in agony. What kind of person would do that? The kind of people we’re watching now, the kind of people who are even more vicious when they win.

The leaders of the Democratic Party have now decided that 74 million Trump voters weren’t just wrong or misguided. They didn’t simply back the wrong guy or have incorrect opinions or failed to see obvious truths. No, the threat they pose is graver and more serious than that. These 74 million Trump voters are, in fact, terrorists. They are a looming physical threat to the rest of us, and must be dealt with in the way that you deal with threats like that. 


To make that point as clear as possible, the Democratic Party has marshaled military leaders to deliver the news. Gen. Stanley McChrystal is among them. McChrystal, in case you don’t remember, is the strategic genius who can take credit, if you can call it that, for running the longest losing war in American history, the one in Afghanistan. Monday, McChrystal took a break from collecting fat corporate directorship fees to note that based on his extensive experience mismanaging America’s foreign policy, Trump voters look an awful lot like terrorists.

“I did see a similar dynamic in the evolution of Al Qaeda in Iraq,” McChrystal said, “where a whole generation of angry Arab youth with very poor prospects, followed a powerful leader who promised to take them back to a time to a better place, and he led them to embrace an ideology that justified their violence. This is now happening in America.”

Thanks, Stan. Sometime when you can manage to spare a moment from getting rich from your failures and America’s decline, we’d love to know exactly what went wrong in Afghanistan. Until then, though, Andy McCabe would like to put a finer point on the matter. You remember Andy McCabe, the former high-level FBI official who was canned for lying and corruption (in other words, a model federal employee). So when McCabe speaks, you can hear the moral authority in his voice. According to his considered judgment, Donald Trump’s voters are very much like ISIS:

MCCABE: When we looked at those Americans who traveled to Syria for the purpose of joining the Islamic State, when you put all those faces and names down in one place, you had doctors, lawyers … Some people are very vulnerable to and drawn into that that core lie of any extremist movement. And that is exactly what we’re seeing now with these this particular group of Trump supporters.


You’ve heard the word “insurrection” used a lot in connection with what happened at the Capitol Jan. 6. On Monday night, 28 people were arrested in a violent protest in New York City, not on behalf of Donald Trump. Those people attacked police officers, and a bunch of them went to jail. But were they insurrecting at the time? No, they weren’t. How do we know? Because they weren’t racists. Only racists can insurrect, as Rep. Ayanna Pressley, D-Mass., explains:

PRESSLEY: The threat of white supremacy looms large, and it is tragic that it took this insurrection and this attempt to interrupt the peaceful transfer of power and moreover, injury and loss of life for many to appreciate just how formidable the threat of white supremacy is. 

So what do you do with insurrectionists like that, insurrectionists who were also White supremacists — as they always are — but who were also not, and here’s the tricky part, in some cases even White? Simple force doesn’t always work. These are hard cases. You need to reeducate people like that, possibly in camps, deprogram them for the safety of the rest of us. Thankfully, Sandy Cortez has been thinking about this for quite some time. Some little girls play with dolls, she put her Barbies in a secure enclosure and educated them because they were thinking bad things, forbidden things:

OCASIO-CORTEZ: We had a program addressing white supremacists. We had programs, federal programs, that went towards funding organizations like these that deradicalize people, and President Trump pulled the plug on federal funding for some of these programs. And so one thing that we know is that we have to get that funding right back up and we probably need to double, triple, quadruple or increase funding for these deradicalization programs.


By this point, you should have realized that the totalitarian instinct is always the same. Only the names of the dictators change. First, you strip people of their right to speak out loud honestly, then you prevent them from defending themselves and their families. And then, because you now can, you force them at gunpoint to read your catechism and accept your orthodoxy.

The scary thing is that’s where we’re heading. Sandy Cortez and her friends are no longer a fringe element within the Democratic Party. Joe Biden ran as a moderate. People voted for him because they thought he was, but Joe Biden’s victory was really a victory for Sandy Cortez and that part of the Democratic Party. They are closer now than they’ve ever been to taking control.

The reason for that is very simple: There is a massive power vacuum at the center of the incoming administration. Joe Biden is fading. That is not a personal attack, it’s a statement of fact. He is not capable of running the government or pushing back against the radicals in his party. The people around Joe Biden know this very well, and that includes people very close to him, including his relatives. People who love Joe Biden were upset when he ran for president. They know he can’t do the job and they are very worried about what happens next. That is not speculation. They have said so out loud. And no honest person in Joe Biden’s orbit will deny this.

So the question is, who will fill the power vacuum within the Biden administration? There are still reasonable people within the Democratic Party. There are people who have a stake in this country, and don’t want to destroy it. Now is the time for those people, the reasonable people in the Democratic Party, to step up forcefully and call off the war their party is planning on millions of fellow Americans, and it is war.


They’re planning a 9/11 commission, blanket censorship, mass arrests, deprogramming. These are not subtle indicators. These are fire alarms and everyone can see them. In the last week, CNN and The Washington Post have called for Fox News to be shut down by force because they don’t like our views.

Other members of Congress on the other side just tore up the mask completely and launched into open race hate on television. Here’s Rep. Jamaal Bowman, D-N.Y., explaining that the real problem with this country is White people:

BOWMAN: This is a chance for all of us in Congress to sort of begin at a new baseline and stop spreading the myth of American exceptionalism and accept the fact that this is exactly who we are and this is exactly who we’ve been throughout our country’s history. Whenever there is social progress, there’s White backlash.

The story here is not that one member of Congress said this on television. The story is that many members of Congress and members of our media say this on television every single day, attacking huge groups of Americans on the basis of their skin color. Nobody pushes back as if there are no consequences to talking that way. But there are.


We ask again: How long can people keep talking like that and acting like this before something breaks? Before one of those 74 million becomes so overwrought and paranoid from watching demagogues like Jamaal Bowman attack him on MSNBC that he does something truly awful that can’t be taken back? 

That’s where this is going until and unless someone responsible within the Democratic Party appears and puts a stop to it. It’s time for the victors to accept their victory, forgive the team they beat and to move on. You won. Be happy now, improve the country you inherited.

Source: FoxNews

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