Affiliates of the mainstream media will not admit they were wrong about how they conducted journalism during the Trump administration, Fox Nation host Lara Logan said on Thursday.

“But what’s more troubling is that even if you do see some reporting, you know, if you do see decent reporting and, maybe, critical reporting, what you are not going to see is these media institutions standing up and admitting that they were wrong and reporting the truth about many events that happened before Biden got into power,” Logan told “Fox & Friends.”


After years of aggressive reporting that resulted in errors on everything ranging from the Mueller investigation revelations to Supreme Court battles to the Covington Catholic incident, the mainstream media fawned over President Biden’s every move on Wednesday, offering a stark contrast from the way the press reacted to his predecessor.

Everything from Biden’s rhetoric to his marriage was complimented throughout Inauguration Day.

“What a great love story between Jill Biden and Joe Biden,” MSNBC host Joy Reid said at one point. “It’s a wonderful story, and we haven’t had a love story in the White House in four years.”

ABC News’ Byron Pitts called Biden “papa-in-chief,” while MSNBC’s Brian Williams declared the country was “back and under new management.” Reid also said the “old America” had lost the 2020 election and hoped “new America” “wins the war.”

NBC News presidential historian Michael Beschloss said the country had a “happy ending” with Biden’s victory. “This is Joe Biden’s day, but actually it’s not Joe Biden’s day. It’s the country’s day,” gushed CBS’ John Dickerson.

Biden was called “a breath of fresh air” and “a man who gave Americans permission to feel good about who we are,” while MSNBC’s Chuck Todd labeled him “the better angel president.”


Logan said that though there were “serious questions” over Hunter Biden’s suspicious business dealings with foreign governments having a connection to his father’s term as vice president, the media will have “amnesia” toward the matter.

“A leopard doesn’t change his spots. And if they were going to come out and admit that they were wrong about so many stories and so much of the reporting, that would have happened by now. And so really what you have a media institution that’s a shadow of its former self. Pretty much unrecognizable in many ways,” she said.

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Fox News’ David Rutz, Brian Flood contributed to this report.

Source: FoxNews

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