Former Presidents Clinton, Bush II, and Obama looked gray haired, the first two tired, and like all three went through an almost inhuman trial of being president. Yet Obama, the youngest, was all gray haired, a small thinning spot (maybe) on top, yet looked healthy and young, even so. His ears stood out with coronavirus mask on. Anyhow, the Inauguration Day day-after effects. I was moved by the singing and sign language, trumpets and patriotic bunting on the Capitol Building steps, but for all pomp and show on view to everybody watching or there, in person, socially distanced (mostly), I think what mattered is our leaders looked aged.

They are only human, and their burden as leaders in a role which is powerful yet temporary and hence partially requires a small ego and selfless attitude (I’m guessing) at heart, is evident in their eyes, even future President Biden’s, seated before he swore the Oath of Office to protect the US Constitution and what it represents, our federal government. They are the faces of our nation over the past now reaching through three decades, except for Donald Trump, who just left at sunset on Marine One, turned and pointed, heading up, at the Washington Monument phallic symbol of our nation, back wherever, probably the island of Manhattan in New York, or Florida, because up north it’s cold, and he still has golf resort room down there to relax.

Until Trump’s name brand recovers, his term in office can be taken with a single, strong sigh-of-relief for Democrats and dissatisfied Republicans alike; when he is feeling like a winner again, he’ll criticize politics for anyone willing to still listen to him. We have gone from a Washington outsider for something more new, to an insider and career politician of over 40 years, who, we can hope, has the right experience to know how to make things run smoothly, and well.

Here’s to a better year and three more to follow, starting yesterday, of Biden as President!

Obama, the last Democrat, came into office with “a new war when we hadn’t finished the one in Afghanistan while Osama bin Laden was still at large,” he writes in “A Promised Land.” As president, while Republicans can claim no major terrorist attack excepting mass shootings during Trump’s reign, Obama killed him (Bin Laden, most wanted #1) in 2011. Dumped body in sea. Personal responsibility AND credit as Command-in-Chief for victory in war on terror. Let’s see how safe, then prosperous, we are now going to be in this next administration.


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Source: MediaEqualizer

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