Black lives do matter, but what the West did to Native Americans was worse, so don’t be like the New York Times, and try to re-write our national history as one based on a corporate idea of forced labor over something more like the Holocaust to Jews, as a journalist wrote for Cuban blog Café Fuerte before the Oath of Office last Wednesday. 

But how do we entertain ourselves? That was more highlighted than whom we choose to lead. “Veep” for HBO Entertainment ran for seven seasons predicated on a character like Vice President Harris to really take over the job and be the first female to do so.

It is like Marlon Brando’s movie acting role in his 20th century weight gain as Colonel Walter E. Kurtz — submerged in his barbarous environs to the point of no return — for the movie “Apocalypse Now” based on “Heart of Darkness” by Joseph Conrad. With hand signs for the deaf, Latino shoutouts from a singer, and a cluster of ex-presidents all weary looking, but for the last Democrat, Obama, to hold the highest office, there is for certain change now in the old style of Trump’s daily grind of verbal assault and retribution, conducted in turns until he was expelled from social media platforms for potentially instigating riots (a rare instance of such free speech suppression, and one conservatives could point to as a liberal charge against Republican’s weak stance, on the back foot coming off a resounding defeat.)

The problem with streaming our government in action live is the show is true life, and we are impacted by the outcome. Further, in general, we don’t own stuff anymore, so when we get a chance to witness history in motion, all the main players are roll playing at most and appear to be just acting their part until nuts and bolts get worked out under them through staff, once formalities have proceeded. Until that point, we point and cheer the new Pennsylvania Ave. occupants in their fresh start. And as this second week of Biden’s first term begins, a new normal falls over Washington, likely to spread and qualm unrest across the country before spring.

It’s just like with Apple Music and Netflix. This is a huge problem. Gone is a personal, human connection. Only your ability to CONTINUE to pay matters for you to hold on to your favorite “works of art.” Government contract with the governed, a social compact, requires we buy in and take care for how our investment turns out. Our politicians come and go like movie stars, their mottos good hook lines to their greatest hits, yet we all stand on the sidelines, for the most part, except those in work for the government themselves, amused and comforted that someone is in control.

This state is too passive. We must take ownership in our vote, and the power that wields to get our voice heard in our top-level and local government decision makers’ performance, because this is not a midday television drama, but a real executive branch, with a huge nonprofit with unprecedented economic and military power still to wield, and maybe let to level out to raise the rest of the globe, over these next four years.

When we come to music, anything repeated too often becomes obnoxious. Such were hate-speech and protest inducing actions by Trump, in particular starting last summer, but ending up with a chance to loose even his retirement package from the Oval Office occupancy of his first term due to a SECOND impeachment process, one initially supported even by Republicans such as Utah Sen. Mitt Romney of the GOP establishment.

As former Secretary of State Madeline Albright says in her new memoir, “Hell and Other Destinations,” what if you were to question how you yourself would act in an official’s shoes, with that weight on their shoulders of submitting private gain for power? This true, though through public service, and hence a less egotistical pursuit, in a republic, than for some other forms of running a state provide for, one might say? Whatever the case, she believed as a female who suffered the rigors of public office and pioneered a path for younger women to aspire to, that one can not be passive when the news is true, and you take it as it effects you, personally.

As such, Vice President Harris represents more than a television fantasy coming true for women looking to fill men’s shoes at least in equal proportion as with President Obama marking a milestone in his presidency as the first non-white Commander-in-Chief. We should remember, however, this is no show, and her job represents real qualification, in the eyes of her supporters, and a large poster board for how her side believes our White House should look, in the executive branch, as an example across the globe, and to bitter Republicans licking their wounds in defeat, in particular.


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Source: MediaEqualizer

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