France & COVID 

Emanuel Macron, France’s President, ordered schools shut until maybe May, as a roll out of a vaccine program widely available is slow to happen in his country, reported news wire service Reuters on Wednesday. “France Heads to Monthlong Lockdown,” ran financial news service Bloomberg in a headline published later this week, referring to how France, in addition to restricting citizens’ ability to travel internationally for contagion fears of coronavirus, will be one of Europe’s more conservative forces in taking all precautions necessary to be more certain to control the global pandemic. With experts agreeing this year medical vaccines will be available enough in the developed world to end rises in death tolls and new cases of infection, at what cost and whom to be left out is yet to be seen. Coronavirus has hit Europe as well as the US, China, Brazil, among worst hit, and remains a global challenge requiring international cooperation be continued, agree most international relations scholars of liberalism.


Complaints on Poll Access For Voting in US

A new AP-NORC poll released last morning shows people overall prefer easier access to voting places on Election Day, feeling obstructed by inconvenient locations. Further, according to the Harvard Gazette earlier this week, Native Americans must travel 60 miles in many cases to reach reservation polling access, while racial minorities like Blacks feel discriminated against through requirements to vote Democrats would rather loosen. The story of this poll data allows us to assess, first, the new poll, then voting tendencies for those who believe they are disenfranchised in general by our current US voting system. An interview of three experts in DC, as well as academic sources, one each, saw for disenfranchisement and discrimination through prohibitory voter law legislative rules. work accomplished under former President Trump, which Biden and Congress are now set to work on backtracking against, towards greater voter equality, as well as easier access. Estimates show there is unneeded hinderance in inconvenient voting locations, and racial basis preventing minorities to go to polls, supporting extrapolations from the recent poll data by the AP news wire service.

Meanwhile, said the Gazette, to paraphrase: “many communities of color find the power of their votes blunted by gerrymandering.”


Protests over Protest Bill in UK

Thousands of demonstrators in London, also elsewhere, expressed their disappointment with new British legislation outlawing, rather, restricting, outright public dissent in forms such as organized marches, rallies, or anti-government group gatherings. Some in the US see this draconian move by the British as part of their legal tradition of less free speech, more government intrusion or at least as much as in the American case of government spying on normal citizens’ lives, and a lack of public free discourse, which is a requirement to a healthy democratic country succeeding. After interviewing those involved in the London demonstration, and two Washington, DC-based, think tank experts on international policy, to get an angle of Washington’s view or Americans’ more generally, towards this situation, there seemed to be consensus the British government is increasingly removed from a more liberal body politic it represents, as the present case shows. (News from wire service Reuters.)


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Source: MediaEqualizer

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