Former White House Director of Domestic Policy Joe Grogan told “America Reports” on Tuesday that President Biden needs to apologize for mocking Texas Governor Abbott after the state made progress in the fight against COVID-19. 

GROGAN: There’s no question that President Biden was wrong. Governor Abbott was right and the comment was outrageous and the governor deserves an apology. This is firmly in line with the hyper-partisan rhetoric and tone and approach of the Biden administration since right after he was inaugurated, he gave a very flowering inaugural address about bringing the country together. 

He’s been hyper-partisan generally in no area more than COVID. And his comments about Governor Abbott and Neanderthal thinking deserve a walk back. And the governor deserves an apology. 

And I might just say, in addition to wearing the mask, the whole administration’s mask messaging is a mess…. The director of the CDC has been before Congress defending the mask mandate and then switching to it the next day. It’s really not productive for the president to be using language like this and for the administration to not have its message together.


Source: FoxNews

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