Actress Kirstie Alley has faced incessant backlash for supporting former President Donald Trump and shared in Wednesday’s episode of “Tucker Carlson Today” how being honest about her political opinion took an extreme turn.

The star recalled working on a project four years ago where she first expressed her interest in voting for Trump. Following her public expression, some producers revealed they had similar intentions but kept quiet out of fear they’d “never work again” – and Alley said she knew they were right.

“People go, ‘You’re so brave.’ I go, ‘No, I think I’m stupid,’” she said. “Because honestly, it is a real situation. And it is a real blackballing situation. And it’s so strange to me because artists are free-thinkers for the most part.”


Alley explained that she’s never considered herself a very political person and referenced back to when she starred in the popular ‘80s sitcom “Cheers” how differing political views were always welcome.

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In her career, Alley pointed out how many of her co-stars would commit a variation of illegal or socially shameful acts like doing heavy drugs without facing the same repercussions many people have for supporting conservative thinking.

“You can be cooking meth and sleeping with hookers but as long as, apparently, you didn’t vote for Trump,” she said. “I feel like I’m in the ‘Twilight Zone’ a bit with the whole concept of it.”

“On Twitter I had many celebrities follow me and now I think three follow me,” she said. “I’m the same person. I’m the girl who voted for Obama, twice. And I’m like, ‘Oh, so you liked me when I voted for Obama, and now you’re this?’ And it’s made me have to rethink, weirdly, my whole friendships, all my friendships.”

Alley’s full interview with Tucker Carlson will be available on Fox Nation on Wednesday afternoon.

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