“Justice with Judge Jeanine” host has a message for the graduating class of 2021: Real life is hard, with real challenges, and real difficulties.

JEANINE PIRRO: This week Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have been running around the country delivering commencement speeches. Tonight, I’d like to deliver one of my own. Mine, a far cry from what you’ve heard from our liberal leaders. And so, to the class of 2021, I say congratulations. You had four wonderful years in college, you now enter real life. 

Real life is hard. Real challenges. Real difficulties. 

Now, during most of your time in college, Donald Trump was the President. The economy was great. We had the lowest unemployment for African Americans and minorities. Deregulation allowed businesses to prosper. The opening of the Keystone Pipeline helped us to be energy independent, and for the first time, an exporter of gas, no longer dependent on the OPEC nations. Tax cuts allowed Americans to take more money home. You had a lot to look forward to under Donald Trump. 

But now, as you enter the real world, America is a different place. Under Joe Biden, you better watch what you say or do, because now, you can be canceled. Not by a court or regulatory agency, but by those who think they are better than you and have the power to block points of view they disagree with. 


Source: FoxNews

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