Former Trump senior adviser Stephen Miller argued that President Biden’s plan to launch an $87 million “hotel-based welcome center” to house illegal immigrants at the border looks “corrupt” on “Fox News Primetime” Monday.

STEPHEN MILLER: This is just outrageous. Honestly, having worked on a presidential transition, having worked obviously at the highest levels of the White House, this would never happen when Donald Trump was president. Never, ever, ever would this have happened. In fact, President Trump would have made sure if we were doing a contract, it would be the person with the best experience, with the most efficiency and the best savings for the taxpayer. This group doesn’t even have any experience working with ICE. As best we can tell, they have no clue what they’re doing. This looks absolutely — on its face — it looks corrupt. 

This is about whether or not this country has a border. Paying for expensive hotel-based welcome centers for illegal immigrants is categorically insane. There’s no other word for it. It is actually insane. No country that wishes to survive would ever voluntarily adopt a policy [like this]… But it would be like if President Biden came into office and announced in the first week, ‘Hereby immediately the U.S. military is dissolved.’ You don’t, as a president, have the right to decide which aspects of our national defense exist and which are erased.


Source: FoxNews

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