‘Life, Liberty & Levin’ host Mark Levin ripped into multiple investigations into former President Donald Trump calling them “witch hunts” which are motivated by politics not justice. 

Mark Levin: Hello, I am Mark Levin, this is “Life, liberty and Levin,” a very important program and I am glad you’re here. 

We pride ourselves in America as a nation of laws. We have this beautiful Constitution of the United States. We have something called due process. We have all kinds of systems in place to protect the individual from government, especially a rogue government. What happens when that government becomes a criminal enterprise? What do I mean by that? What happens when a district attorney in a city and attorney general in a state use their power to advance a political agenda. Politicians dressed up as prosecutor. What happens when one individual, a prominent individual, is focused on and targeted by an entire political party, including their prosecutors. Is that what we want in America?

We’re used to seeing that sort of thing in the old Soviet Union or the modern day Russia under Putin. We’re used to seeing that sort of thing in Communist China and other totalitarian regimes, but, what if I tell you that happening in the United States of America as I speak.

President Trump has faced a criminalized political system that never wanted him elected and never want him elected again, he was the investigated as was his family, friends and actions and his campaign under the Mueller investigation. 

There have been endless congressional investigations led by chairmen from places about like New York City, Massachusetts and California. They have done everything they can; subpoena and investigations and hearings, empty, came up with nothing. Two unconstitutional impeachments, endless coup conspiracies, and I could go on and on. That is not my point today. 

There are two Democrats elected with long time political histories on behalf of Democrat Party, who have enormous power, one as a prosecutor in Manhattan, the other a state prosecutor in Albany, who are trying to destroy Donald Trump and his family, and his organization as I speak.


Source: FoxNews

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