Fox News declined an ad about last January sixth’s pre-Inauguration Capitol building riots in Washington, DC. A co-founder of a SUPER-PAC (a kind of Citizen’s United-enabled group for indirect campaign fundraising) protested how his organization’s voice on the matter was silenced by the main, competitive, conservative cable news channel in the US.

Meidas Touch SUPER-PAC co-founder Ben Meiselas wanted to run an ad with interviews, for example, from police officers involved with putting down the riot, which resulted in dozens of injuries, five deaths, and criminal charges for rioters.

Meidas Touch is a left-leaning, anti-Trump PAC, who aims to increase Democrats’ chances at reelection broadly through negative advertising of the event, to contrast with how smooth Biden’s first few months in office went so far.

A one-minute ad, according to an interview of Meiselas by the Los Angeles Times newspaper, cost $185,000, but got declined from the right-wing cable news giant.

Highlighting a controversial form of campaign influence used on both sides, Democrats considering the situation were disheartened they failed to get out a message of what they consider was a tragic disaster, which they see caused by Trump’s angry, uncontrollable supporters that endanger our democratic political process.

Both Capitol Police and DC-based police force officers were to be seen in the clip testifying before Congress, among other witness testimony to the outbreak of disorder in Congress’ work space.

Their position in the footage is clear: Trump’s supporters were needing to be brought to justice, a matter overlooked by government officials, they said, possibly influenced by the pull of lingering Trump enthusiasm.

“It’s been very difficult seeing elected officials and other individuals whitewash the events of that day or downplay what happened,” says Michael Fanone, a  DC Metropolitan Police Officer, in the original version of the video.

US Capitol Police Capt. Carneysha Mendoza said being “attacked by our fellow citizens” caused harm, along the with trauma, to those who responded in law enforcement. That is besides sending a negative political message of disorder along with violence by protestors.

If such aggressive action is taken on the right, leftist anger is sure to be produced in response. How the riot is handled, or overlooked still, could be made more evident with news of the ad’s decline by Fox, even without airing the intended message.


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Source: MediaEqualizer

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