PBS NewsHour correspondent Yamiche Alcindor made a bizarre claim quoting “experts” who allegedly told her that it could take several years before Europe can supposedly regain its trust in the United States.

Appearing on MSNBC’s “Deadline: White House,” Alcindor recalled covering former President Trump’s G-7 and NATO summits and the various norms that were shattered by President Biden’s predecessor while covering the Democratic commander in chief’s first trip overseas. 

“European leaders were frankly scared, a lot of them were traumatized, there were deep scars in these relationships, and that’s why you see President Biden really leaning into what we’re calling the Biden Doctrine of saying here’s what America can do, here are our ideals, here is what we should be proud of, here’s historically where America has always been,” Alcindor said on Thursday. “One of the things that Biden administration officials have been underscoring when I talk to them is when you look at American democracy, whether it’s Republicans or Democrats, they still had this feeling of America being a leader and America valuing our European allies, and that was lost, for a large part, when it comes to President Trump, who is just openly hostile and was so mean in some ways to our European allies.”


Alcindor, a PBS anchor as well as an MSNBC contributor, said that she was “told by experts” that it could take years for Biden to heal the “deep scars” made by Trump on European allies. 

“There are a lot of leaders who’ve been looking at America for a long time wondering ‘What exactly is going on in that democracy?’” Alcindor continued. “And it might take several election cycles I’m being told to really do some of the work of restoring trust in America that President Biden wants to do with this trip.” 

“Yamiche, you pack more reporting into one block than just about anyone,” MSNBC anchor Nicolle Wallace gushed at her colleague. 

This follows Alcindor’s panned line of questioning at Monday’s White House press briefing. 

“Can you talk a bit about how President Biden plans to convince especially our European allies that former President Trump was an anomaly in some ways?” she asked National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan. “All of the things that he did to in some ways traumatize those leaders, calling into question the need for NATO. What’s the plan there, and is there concern that those scars are gonna be deeper than his ability to address them in this one trip?”


Alcindor’s loaded question prompted criticism yet again of the outspokenly progressive reporter, who also once told Biden there was “a perception of you that got you elected as a moral, decent man.” Some noted her editorial stance that Trump had the ability to “traumatize” other world leaders.

Source: FoxNews

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