Former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows joined “America’s Newsroom” Friday, and blasted the mainstream media for ignoring former President Trump last year when the White House brought up the potential theory that coronavirus originated in a lab in Wuhan, China. 

MARK MEADOWS: What actually should have happened is journalists should have done their job. There was a Pulitzer Prize waiting for somebody to report on it and candidly what they did is there was so much animosity toward Donald Trump, the president and his administration they weren’t willing to look at the facts. We had shared those with a number of reporters and you had Dr. Fauci and a number in the media that were willing to ignore it and actually side with China. 

What is troubling about this is we just heard [National Security Advisor] Jake Sullivan say we need China to actually help us out with this investigation. Well, they haven’t been willing to do that for over 12 months now.

So it is time that we hold them accountable and actually take action and if not, Joe Biden is going to be the all-words, no-action president when it comes to holding China accountable.


Source: FoxNews

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