The New York Times is corrupt and abusively biased.

Like so many other media outlets, the so-called paper of record has never been held accountable for stalking Donald Trump and his family, all while spreading lies, conspiracy theories and baseless smears against the 45th president of the United States.

For three long years, the New York Times obsessively pushed the “Trump-Russia collusion” hoax, which was based on an actual pack of lies.


Christopher Steele’s dirty dossier, which was funded by the Clinton campaign and the DNC, under the guise of “opposition research,” was salacious and unverified. Both Steele and his sub source claimed that the material in the dossier was unverifiable. Even worse, according to multiple reports, the dossier was part of an official Russian disinformation campaign. 

Nevertheless, this “opposition research” was dispersed to the media, elected officials and the FBI. It was then fraudulently used as the basis of a FISA warrant against a Trump campaign associate, to spy on the Trump campaign, Trump transition team and Trump presidency.

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Instead of investigating the shocking government abuse of power at the FISA court, and the suspect nexus between the Clinton campaign and the Steele dossier, the so-called “journalists” at the New York Times went all-in on the Trump-Russia collusion hoax.

Top New York Times columnist Ben Smith claimed, “the broad outline of what Steele was writing is unquestionably true.”

Maggie Haberman, and several of her colleagues at the times even won a Pulitzer Prize for pushing Russian disinformation.

The New York Times loves to ask questions, but now, there are important questions they need to answer.

1) Does the New York Times acknowledge that Steele’s dossier was bought and paid for by the Clinton campaign and filled with Russian disinformation?

2) Does the Times now believe premeditated fraud was committed on a FISA court, when officials used the dirty Russian dossier as the bulk of evidence to obtain a warrant against a Trump campaign associate?

3) Will they finally admit that the Trump campaign, Trump transition team and Trump White House were all illegally surveilled because of this premeditated FISA fraud?

4) Will the Times ever demand that federal officials correct the record at the FISA court, as required by law?

5) Will the Times ever hold anyone in our federal government accountable for this abuse of power?

The level of commitment to stalking and smearing Donald Trump is intense, and sadly, it’s not going away any time soon.

6) Now, with Joe Biden in office, will the so-called “journalists” at the New York Times stalk Biden in the same way they stalked Trump?

7) If any of the Trump children made millions of dollars from Ukraine, Russia, China and Kazakhstan without any expertise while their father was in office, would the times investigate the obvious conflicts of interest and the potential for a pay-to-play scheme?

8) When Joe Biden told the story about leveraging $1 billion taxpayer dollars unless Ukraine fired a prosecutor investigating Burisma holdings and Hunter Biden, was that a quid pro quo? Was that likely illegal?

9) When Hunter Biden admitted on “Good Morning America” that he had no experience in oil, gas, energy or Ukraine and yet he was being paid millions of dollars for zero experience, is that likely unethical and possibly illegal? Will the Times conduct a full investigation? What if it was a Trump?

10) Will The Times ever cover Biden and his family with the same tenacity that they covered Trump, or are the feelings of their far-left readers more important?


11) Finally, will Maggie Haberman and her colleagues acknowledge that their faulty Trump-Russia collusion reporting makes them unworthy of a Pulitzer Prize, and do they plan on returning it?

One last bonus question: Does the New York Times believe that Biden might be struggling cognitively, and, if so, do they plan to investigate?

Tonight, at 9 EST, the answers to these questions will be detailed, live on “Hannity.”


But the answers are obvious. According to a Fox News report, after Biden’s inauguration, Maggie Haberman contributed to eight stories about Biden, and 70 stories about Trump. Haberman is the Washington correspondent for the New York Times. Donald Trump lives in Florida.

The level of commitment to stalking and smearing Donald Trump is intense, and sadly, it’s not going away any time soon.


Source: FoxNews

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