For three long years, Ben Smith, Maggie Haberman, and the New York Times shamelessly propagated the Russia collusion hoax.

It was one large part of the Times’ strategy to continually discredit President Trump and feed into its readers’ insatiable appetite for anti-Trump venom.

Another major part of the Times’ partisan strategy is something known as the bias of omission.

For example, the New York Times rarely ever reports positive news about Donald Trump. At the same time, the paper almost never reports negative news about Joe Biden, despite his tumultuous time in office.

The disparity in coverage is extreme and obvious.


Because Ben Smith, Maggie Haberman, and the other reporters at the New York Times proclaim to be neutral journalists, they should answer a few questions about this blatant bias of omission.

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The first set of questions pertains to a topic near and dear to the New York Times: racism in America. Reporters at the Times are obsessed with so-called structural racism, which they believe is embedded in every aspect of American society. 

However, the Times is making an exception for the president of the United States, Joe Biden.

This brings us to our questions:

1) Is the New York Times concerned with Joe Biden’s prior work in the Senate with segregationists, to slow down school integration?
2) Does the New York Times approve of Biden’s eulogy for former KKK leader Robert Byrd, where he praised Byrd’s “incredible esteem”?
3) Does the New York Times think it is appropriate that Biden openly worried, as a Senator, that his children would grow up in a “racial jungle”?
4) Is the Times’ aware that Joe Biden co-authored the 1994-crime bill, after referring to inner city residents as “predators on our streets”?
5) Do they agree with Joe Biden when he said, “you cannot go to a 7-eleven or Dunkin’ donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent”?
6) Do they condone Biden’s assertion that President Obama is the “first mainstream African American who is articulate and bright and clean”?
7)  Will they hold Biden accountable for claiming, “you ain’t black” if you vote for Trump?
8)  Will they call on Biden to apologize for referring to an African American reporter as a “junkie”? 9)  Will they ask why Biden said, “poor kids are just as bright as white kids”?
10)  Will they ask Joe Biden why he lied about endorsements from the NAACP, and why he lied about getting a degree at Delaware State, a historically black university?
11) Will they ask him why he lied about marching in the civil rights movement?


As usual, we will await a response from the Times. However, If the “paper of record” is not interested in ever holding Biden accountable for his past conduct on race, perhaps Smith, Haberman, et al could answer a few questions about the ongoing corruption allegations swirling around the Biden family, with very real implications for Joe Biden himself. Here are more questions for the Times: 

1) Does the New York Times take any issue with Hunter Biden’s sketchy overseas business deals, including the millions of dollars he received from Chinese nationals, a Russian oligarch, and Burisma Holdings (a Ukrainian oil and gas conglomerate)?
2) Do they think it is a possibility that Hunter, a long-time crack addict with zero relevant experience, was being paid for access to his father?
3)  Does the Times find it strange that President Biden claims Ukraine is too corrupt for NATO, but is somehow OK with his son’s business deals there?
4)  Will they investigate the possibility of a quid pro quo, when then Vice President Biden leveraged American aid to Ukraine, to force out a prosecutor who was investigating Hunter Biden and Burisma Holdings?
5)  Are the “journalists” at the Times even worried about the appearance of impropriety surrounding the seemingly compromising international business deals conducted by Hunter Biden?
6)  Has the New York Times ever tried to obtain a copy of Hunter Biden’s purported hard drive, first reported by the New York Post last year?
7) Will the Times investigate Hunter Biden’s new, lucrative career as an artist?


A response to any of these questions would be welcomed and featured on Hannity at 9 p.m. EDT tonight. Even better, Maggie Haberman or Ben Smith or anyone at the New York Times could investigate the Biden family’s highly unusual business deals.

But don’t hold your breath. Journalism is not important to the paper of record, unless it benefits the Democratic Party or a far-left cause. 


Source: FoxNews

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