During a “Hannity” town hall event at the southern border with former President Donald Trump and Gov. Greg Abbott, Trump slammed current President Joe Biden over the border crisis and inflation-inducing federal spending – as well as moderate Republicans who continue to try to forge agreements with the Delaware Democrat.

Trump told moderator Sean Hannity that he watched in awe as several “RINOs” – Republican In Name Only – met with Biden to craft a narrow infrastructure spending bill both sides could agree on. 

That deal was then apparently upended by Biden’s ensuing announcement he would not sign the bill unless it included a $6 trillion “human infrastructure” spending bill spearheaded by socialist Sen. Bernard Sanders, I-Vt.

“You do have RINOs,” said Trump. “I call them ‘Weak Republicans’.”

“They walk into the White House… and they meet Biden: He doesn’t know what the hell is happening. He is sitting and talking about infrastructure — And then finally, they walk out and they have a deal. The deal is a terrible deal, but it is a deal. It sort of reminds me of England a long time ago.”

Trump appeared to reference then-Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain publicly heralding the Munich Agreement of 1938 – which essentially ceded the Czech Sudetenland to then-Chancellor Adolf Hitler’s Germany in exchange for “peace for our time,” in Chamberlain’s words.

“‘We have a deal, we have a deal’ – you remember the deal they made with Germany? Not too good” Trump asked Hannity. “That didn’t work too well.”

While Chamberlain at the time celebrated the agreement as a way of avoiding war with Germany, historians note it essentially just delayed it – as World War II commenced in 1939 with the invasion of Poland. 

On “Hannity” Trump said Biden “canceled” the negotiated infrastructure deal, accusing him of being cowed by the “radical left.”

He also said Biden destroyed his progress on border security and is overseeing a catastrophe on the Rio Grande.

“There’s never been a better time six months ago and never a worse time [than today],” said Trump. “We had the tightest security and you could come to our country illegally. You know what else we were stopping massive amounts of drugs, human traffickers – bad, bad people criminals emptying their jails into our country.”

“We never had it better and now we’ve never had it worse in the history of the country.”

Hannity then asked Rep. Ronny Jackson, R-Texas, who was at the town hall, whether he would administer a cognitive test to Biden; suggesting he is having related issues.

Jackson, who served as Trump’s White House physician for a time, administered such a test to the then-president.

Trump told Hannity he scored 30/30 on his test, but estimated Biden would not score more than half of that. Off-camera, Jackson verbally confirmed Trump’s personal score.

“He would not get those last 15 [questions] right, certainly not the last 10 I can tell you,” Trump said.


Hannity said Biden has become “President Sippy-Cup” in his demeanor and character; adding that his actions at the border bear out incompetence:

“The results of the border surge have been catastrophic,” he said. “More unaccompanied minors are now crossing the southern border than ever before. It is a crisis of a monumental scale. Border patrol agents… are overwhelmed, overworked, dangerous cartels and making millions in human trafficking and taking advantage of the fact that all the resources are being used to basically process people illegally into the country.”

Hannity said Biden’s policies have given “free reign” to drug dealers, Mexican cartels and human traffickers.

Biden is also overseeing a surge in fentanyl trafficking, Hannity added, noting the elevated risk of death from such a controlled substance.

Source: FoxNews

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