The media is all about “America first” as long as a Democrat occupies the Oval Office.

Former President Trump’s “Buy American” initiative was once dismissed as “dark,” isolating, and even “racist” among mainstream media outlets, who pulled no punches when it came to the former president’s unconventional economic approach. 


But with a Democrat in the White House, left-leaning outlets appear to have warmed to the not-so-racist idea.

A Washington Post story published Wednesday gushed over President Biden’s new “Make Buy American Real” initiative and his administration’s efforts to “bolster U.S. industry.”

“Biden Proposes Stronger ‘Buy American’ Rules for Federal Government, Aiming to Bolster U.S. Industry,” the headline reads.

Online critics were quick to resurface a 2017 Washington Post headline during the Trump presidency, which warns of a troubling “dark side to Buy American.”

“Campaigns urging us to buy U.S.-made products are as old as the republic, the subhead reads, “but they are often shrouded in racism.”

Trump last year accused then presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden of “plagiarizing” his “buy American” proposals, touting the political success of his “America First” agenda, which focused on bringing jobs back to America from abroad—including using tariffs on imports.

Biden’s proposal would require that goods purchased with taxpayer money contain 75% of US-made content, up from the current 55%.

Another part of the initiative is to shore up the U.S. domestic supply chain by proposing “enhanced price preferences to select critical products and components.


“These preferences, once in place, would support the development and expansion of domestic supply chains for critical products by providing a source of stable demand for domestically produced critical products,” the administration’s statement read.

An administration official called the proposals a “bold action” from Biden, who signed an executive order during the first days of his presidency that aimed to boost government purchases from U.S. manufacturers. 

Source: FoxNews

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