“Gutfeld” guest host Jesse Watters filled in for the vacationing Greg Gutfeld on Monday, roasting the newly-dubbed King of Late-Night for missing the show because it was his birthday.

WATTERS: In all seriousness, I love Greg like I love my assistant. That much. GG is the man, funniest guy I know. I don’t really know that many people…but it’s a compliment. 

Exclamation point is a hit. He’s a prolific author, a Great co-host, and did you hear? He just interviewed Donald Trump. 

Way to go Gutfeld….quite the achievement….you’re the last Fox host to interview Trump. In fact, Greg may be the last host in North America to interview Donald Trump. 

Greg didn’t even like Trump when he was running for president. Then I remembered that Greg didn’t even like me before I started hosting the five. Another thing he has in common with Biden – terrible instincts. 

Source: FoxNews

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