Former fashion executive and liberal New York City socialite Stephanie Winston Wolkoff claimed Monday that “all Melania Trump brings to the table” is her looks, as she celebrated the former First Lady’s exclusion from the elite Met Gala.

Appearing on MSNBC’s “The ReidOut,” the former advisor and friend to Trump was joined by host Joy Reid in criticizing Trump’s performance as First Lady and approving of the decision not to invite her to the Monday evening event. Reid said “she never did anything for anyone” during her time in the White House and that there was “no reason to have her there.” 

“I have this theory that part of the rage you see on the right is their disinclusion from the culture, from the fabulous culture, from the popular culture, because their views are so out of line with where we are as a multiracial, multicultural country. They don’t like it, they hate it, and therefore they’re disincluded in it,” Reid said of the gala before noting, seemingly pleased, that Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump also weren’t invited.


Wolkoff, a former organizer of the celebrity-filled Vogue event, claimed it was about bringing together “the most fabulous, fashionable people” that have something to say to each other beyond politics, and that it signified humanitarianism and charitable giving. 

Seemingly out of touch with everyday Americans, Wolkoff added to her description of the event by lamenting the woes of the “multi-billion dollar” designer industry “that hasn’t seen anything happening for so long,” and that she was overjoyed to see the red carpet filled. 

“This is the kind of thing that I think the right would have wanted to see a Melania Trump at, right?” Reid asked. “They think of her, despite all of the various inconsistencies in her stories, as being this phenomenal First Lady. I don’t know why. She never did anything for anyone. But this is the kind of thing, she ain’t getting into that, either, right? I mean, that ain’t happening! I mean, there’s no reason to have her there.”


“No, and again, the way that Anna Wintour orchestrates the costume institute benefit evening is about bringing the right people together for the right conversations to do the right thing. And it’s not just about showing up and putting a beautiful smile on your face and looking beautifully dressed,” Wolkoff said. 

“That is all that Melania brings to the table, and it’s unfortunate because the world needed a First Lady. The world needed for her to step up, say something, do something, and she didn’t,” she added. “And so, tonight’s representation on the red carpet wouldn’t signify anything that Melania stands for. So, she wouldn’t be invited. And, you know, no expectations for her there.” 

The relationship between Trump and Wolkoff apparently soured in 2018 when the latter left her role as a White House advisor and subsequently wrote a book about the end of their friendship. 

Wolkoff was sued by the Department of Justice as a result of the book potentially breaching her nondisclosure agreement as a former White House employee, but the Biden administration dropped the suit this year.


Trump later described Wolkoff as “dishonest” and “self-serving,” claimed that the two hardly knew each other, and that Wolkoff “clung” to her after her husband Donald Trump won the presidency in 2016.

Source: FoxNews

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