Laura Ingraham said if allegations made against Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Mark Milley in a new Bob Woodward book are true, he should resign or be terminated immediately Wednesday on ‘The Ingraham Angle.’

The idea Milley may have had unsanctioned conversations with the Chinese military that ignored the chain of command – during which he also promised advanced warning for America’s top international rival – should have been something that unified Republicans and Democrats against the Massachusetts native, she said.

“Remember, Democrats impeached President Trump for a ‘nothing’ phone call with the president of Ukraine,” she noted, adding that Milley has a track record of aligning politically with leftist thought – and alleged he was one of the 200 unnamed sources that comprised the contents of Woodward’s and Robert Costa’s book.

“[I]n January, he was badmouthing democracy as ‘sloppy’ – and the reason we noticed is because Milley was probably the one who bragged about it to Bob Woodward for his new book.”

However, Ingraham added, Biden and his administration have again chosen political expediency over accountability for its officials and political allies.

“The Biden administration has decided no matter how egregious the offense to our Constitution here, no matter how bungled an operation like the military’s Afghanistan withdrawal — no matter the devastation to America by a border left wide open, they will never – and I mean never –  hold anyone accountable.”

Ingraham said Milley’s track record is clear, pointing to the general’s previous comments about the death of George Floyd, extrapolating that case as part of “the long shadow of original sin in Jamestown [Virginia].”

“Just imagine what all this would look like if the shoe were on the other foot,” said Ingraham. “If we had a conservative [JCoS chairman who] sought to denigrate and undermine a liberal president and then work with a foreign adversary, the Democrats would call for his head.”


“[But] Biden’s team sees everything in terms of short-term political expediency. Instead of working across party lines on stuff like vaccination the Biden team decided to the attack the governor of Florida and insult the American people,” she said.

“Instead of demanding accountability for the Afghanistan disaster, the Biden team to attack President Trump again. Time and again, they have placed their own partisan talking points ahead of what is best for the country,” she said.

Ingraham said the left’s response to allegations against Milley shows they are “just small-time partisan imbeciles” and “hacks who don’t know how to govern the country.” 

“While they bask in the glow of their radical Twitter defenders, the country keeps getting worse and the president grows more unpopular.”

Source: FoxNews

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